Like flowers, rainbows, and butterflies, vultures are creations of God. Yet, our reactions to these birds aren’t the same as they are for puppies or kittens, are they? They are seen as disgusting creatures, and for good reason. For vultures don’t have the cleanest of occupations; they eat decaying flesh. Enjoying bloated opossum as if it’s prime steak. Being birds branded as unclean to Israel by Yahweh Himself (Leviticus 11:13). They are animals associated with death and hang around dead things. Death being a byproduct of sin, being something unnatural that creates pain and fear.

Yet, though they carry out these dirty deeds, buzzards are most needed. Continue reading

Harding Chapel: A Wake Up Call

This week in chapel, is both an awesome week, yet a challenging one. The theme this week, is “Struggles of the Faith.” Several speakers have graciously accepted the invitation, to come and to speak to us about personal struggles within their lives. Yesterday, we were spoken to by a friend of mine, Aristides (Aris) Ortiz, Jr., who was involved in a scary automobile accident just last semester. This, is his story:

(Skip to 15:47 for Aris’ testimony.)

In Defense of the Shack

Recently, another faith-based film has been released, based on the New York Times Bestseller, The Shack.  A film which has become the center of debate, in some ways, more heated than this last presidential election. The Shack, by some, being labeled as a work of heresy. This article is in defense of The Shack, and will be addressing some of the most popular conflicts presented about this work.

However, before diving into this discussion, please know I have read both the book and have seen the film, and believe both to be impacting tools within ministry. I do not agree with everything presented in both medias; however, I also don’t agree with everything that I personally believed last year. My faith and theology are constantly evolving, and they both should if I am to continue to grow in Christ. I also believe there needs to be debate and disagreements within the Church. Every member should not blindly believe the same thing. There needs to be diversity; however, it should be within unity. Also, when entering into the realm of disagreement, love needs to always be present. Without love, a fight’s nothing but angry words and violence: “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2). Continue reading

“NARAL Upset With Doritos ‘Humanizing Fetuses’ – Catholic Social Media News”

I know, I know, I’m sharing this video just a little late. However, I believe two very good cases are made concerning the topic of abortion, too important, to not be shared:

Before I saw this Youtube video, I thought the commercial was creepy. However, now, I still think it’s creepy, but I’m also glad that it was made.

Harding Chapel: “Don’t Wait 50 Years”

Today in chapel, we were blessed by the story of Dr. Steve Shaner. An encouraging tale that holds three needed lessons within it: to be thankful to those who inspire us, that we can achieve what we work for, and to not wait fifty years, to let those around us know how much we love them:

(Skip to 11:50 for the devo)

Tornadoes, Churches, and Challenges

17103809_10212277254145689_5238984019225815038_nOn February 28, a storm system swept across the Central United States, taking with it three known persons. One town which was affected, was Higginson, AR. Luckily, no one was killed, but between 10-15 were hospitalized, with many others experiencing property damage. Some having their roofs cleanly ripped off, with others completely losing their demolished homes. Not to mention photo albums or other irreplaceable treasures. Nor the fear which comes by having your mortality dangled in front of you. Or the mortality of your loved ones . . .

Tornadoes, are a terrible business. They destroy, impact, and change lives forever. . . . But, despite their destructive nature, one cool side-effect, is seeing how they bring people together. Despite age, skin color, nationality, or religion, people tend to come together when others are in need. Yes, there’s some who take advantage of the situation, but there are many more who try to help their fellow man.

In the midst of destruction, it’s beautiful seeing this unity. An experience I have personally witnessed in 2011, 2013, and now 2017. . . . A sight, I wish was more common. Continue reading