Music Spotlight: Chris Tomlin

Music is so powerful. It embraces the soul in such a unique way, and makes it feel–such raw emotion. One of the singers whose songs connect  with me the most is Christ Tomlin. I ask you to please just take a moment of your time, and listen to these songs and hear the powerful messages that they hold:

Our God

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צֶ֫לֶם אֱלֹהִים [1

Mirrors, mirrors,
All so foggy,
All so distorted;
A long hall,
A long, long hall,
Of mirrors, mirrors;
Some wear dust coats,
Other limescale dresses
with smudged mittens,
Freckles, from saliva & Fruit;
No images–fuzzy images–distorted images–cracked images–
broken images,
Confusing mirrors, mirrors,
So many, so many illusions–
But one,
amongst trillions,
One Way,
One Truth,
One Life,
One clear image,
Amongst mirrors, mirrors.


[1] “șelem ‘ĕlôhîm”—”Image of God”

One God

Jesus is Lord.One-Church-Logo

Jesús es el Señor.

Jésus est le Seigneur.

Jesus ist der Herr.

UJesu uyiNkosi.

Иисус есть Господь. (Iisus yest’ Gospod’ .)

耶穌是主。(Yēsū shì zhǔ.)

Gesù è il Signore.

Yesu ni Bwana.

イエスは主である。(Iesu wa omodearu.)

Ісус є Господь. (Isus ye Hospodʹ.)

Jesus é o Senhor.

Many nations, many peoples, many languages–
One meaning,
One faith,
One God!

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Where are Your Scars?

79063“1 in 8 returning soldiers suffers from PTSD ” NBC 2004.

“More than 1,500 Americans have lost a leg or arm in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan, and hundreds have suffered the amputation of multiple limbs” Huffington 2012.

“As in every war, the wounded are far more numerous than those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. As with the dead in these wars, United States forces have suffered grievously . . . Common combat injuries have included second and third degree burns, broken bones, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, loss of sight and hearing, post traumatic stress disorder, and amputations.

The true count of Americans injured or sickened in the war is much larger – by orders of magnitude – than the figures given on the official Department of Defense casualty website. That official total – over 52,000 [970,000] – includes only those ‘wounded in action.’ Not included are those suffering what are categorized as ‘non-hostile injuries’ and other medical problems, which include heat stroke, suicide attempts, respiratory problems, and vehicle crashes” Cost of 2014.

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