The Difference Between Pokémon and Butterflies

14022326_10210414306733168_2194501249726497196_nI have a confession that I must make. . . . For the last week and a half, I have been guilty of playing way too much Pokémon Go. (I’m just as guilty of playing unhealthy amounts of Pokémon, as I was during both grade school and high school, when I spent late nights smashing buttons on my Gameboy and DS.) I mean . . . I’ve walked into puddles, and almost on many occasions into people and a wall while trying to catch Scythers and Tauroses on the Harding campus, because my eyes were distracted. (One reason why I don’t text and drive, or play Pokémon and drive). Three weeks before I had been too busy to worry about hatching eggs or trying to collect all the Pocket Monsters, but with a little more free time, I’ve allowed a lot of it to be eaten up trying to be the very best.

But yesterday, there was a moment when I walking in-between buildings, and surprisingly, I didn’t have my nose in my phone, when I noticed a butterfly. Not a Butterfree, a butterfly. Even cooler, when I walked beside this insect, it didn’t just instantly fly away like many do, but allowed me to draw quite close. Continue reading

Summer to School

1e5d3154d94c47f30d5ac0591494f7c1Change, change,
Life is full of change,
Not pennies and dimes,
Though it has thoughs too,
Change, you know,
When you become a different you.

Tadpoles to frogs,
Worms to monarchs,
Frogs to food.
Babies to adults,
Then it’s man to dust,
When your gut decides that it’s time to bust.

Each year different than the last,
Each year speeding way, way too fast.

Summer comes and summer goes,
Then comes fall,
And spring then springs in before you know.

Eggs in the morning,
Birds at night.
Babes at noon,
Before canes and aches,
Which appear too soon.
The creeks and sun,
Replaced by tests and bells which,
rung-rung-rung. Continue reading

A Jew in the Basement

movieposterThe Book Thief, is both a beautiful, yet terribly heartbreaking movie. I saw it for the first time tonight and was moved by it. And the book which it was based on is now on my list of ‘must read.’ One of only a few hundred which I would like to.

The film, gave an amazing perspective which I have not seen before, a peak into the lives of the Germans during World War II. I’m not talking so much about the soldiers or the Nazis, which do play a small role within the movie, but the common folk. The poor who were suffering just as much as the rest of Europe from poverty, disease, and fear. And seeing the harrowing brainwashing, creating nationality loyalty to Deutschland, the Nazi Party, and the Führer, especially from the children, who are so easily moldable. It was . . . a different kind of movie. Continue reading

Your Bookcase

DSC_0237For those of you who are nerds like me, you have a bookcase. Maybe one . . . or two . . . or a dozen or so. A place of sanctuary to house and showcase all of your books. And if you’re also like me, you’ve only read about half of them. I mean, you’ll get to the others . . . eventually. But not before buying a few more books which you must have and plan to read too. It’s not like there’s so many good books out there that must be read, and reread. And it’s not like there’s dumb authors out there adding more to our lists, all of which we most learn to cram into only 24 hour days. 7 day weeks. 52 week years. (The story of my life.)

Anyways, I digress. If you’re a nerd like me, you have a bookcase. Maybe one, or two, or a dozen, but a bookcase. And that bookcase, it does more than just keep your books from collecting dust, doesn’t it? I mean, doesn’t it reveal just a little of what type person you are? If you enjoy reading about dragons and aliens rather than hot football players or cowboys? If you’re the type who enjoys a good mystery or would rather dive into self-help revelations to better your life?

If there was a bookcase which displayed your life, what would it look like? Continue reading