Business Wastes Time

Last Monday, I was driving home from a football game. After having an amazing time laughing and joking with a neat family from my congregation, and cheering for their son–witnessing the Bulldogs defeat the Tigers! I was hungry, and thinking of all the things that I needed to get done tomorrow. I figured I could save some time, if I made a quick stop to the bank that night to load my portable ATM with some cash–then, I would have more time tomorrow to do the other one thousand things that I had planned.

Under the cloudy, dark sky, I pulled into town, and inserted my debit card into the bank’s ATM. Being in a rush, I was planning where I was going to grab a fast-food dinner, as I was clicking options on the screen.

Dairy Queen, I decided, as I grabbed the Jackson and my receipt before driving away. Continue reading

The Heavenly Museum

What if in heaven,
There is a museum?
What if one day,
Once the trumpet has sounded,
The Father gathers together all His children,
To show them the things that He has kept?

“Look here, look here!”
The Father says with joy.
“See with your eyes the creation of Noah’s faith.
The ark that you’ve all read about!
See how he obeyed Me so willingly!
The monument of his ear!
Oh, you can explore it later,
And swing from the rafters that monkeys once swung on.
But come, there is much more to see!
Right this way, over here!”
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