Build-A-Bear Religion

“The Most Fun You’ll Ever Make.” This is the slogan of Build-A-Bear Workshop, a popular brand found across malls, stadiums, and other locations throughout the United States. It’s an interactive experience that allows kids to create a fluffy friend.

The child must first choose from rows of plush for the right one just for them. Will their next friend be a bear? A dog? How about a unicorn? Or maybe even a Mickey or a Pikachu! Once they have made this critical decision, the child then gets to choose their friend’s voice, stuff them, and give them a heart and their first hug. They then get to dress their plush from a plethora of hats, jackets, bows, and boots, before naming them, and finally, taking their furry friend home. It’s a neat experience that allows a child to be involved in the creation of their new toy, and allows them to customize the toy just the way that they’d like it.

It’s fun getting to create, customize, and to make a product just the way you want it; however, are you guilty, of treating the Bible the same as a Build-A-Bear Workshop? Continue reading