How to be Remembered?

This, is a very well done satire of our society. For centuries, satires have been written and performed with the intention of poking fun at society, but not with the soul intent in making people laugh, but to change it. This Youtube clip paints a picture of us–is this how we want to be remembered? A people who became more reliant on technology than our own two feet? Who became oblivious to other aspects of life as we became so wrapped up in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat? Who became disconnected from each other, and could only talk through a screen? Continue reading


FireworksThe 4th of July/Independence Day is just around the corner, which means that for the last few weeks, neighborhoods have been sounding like war-zones from the explosions of fireworks.

Fireworks, nothing but sound and light, yet for centuries they have dazzled mankind.  Just last Sunday, I was at a firework display with a group of friends, and as an extremely bright one exploded, hurting my eyes from my pupils Flashlike contracting, a random thought snuck into my mind, and as the display lengthened, it ran rampant:  Continue reading