Secret Norse Wisdom for the Modern Era

This morning, I was sweating on the treadmill in my basement before work–still laboring to keep one of my New Year’s resolutions in the second week of 2018. Besides the sound of the belt rotating, there was the invisible narrator speaking to me from out my phone, reciting to me the myth of the Völsungs. The narrator helping me to stay focused upon my task.

I had about only five minutes left of my routine, when I recall hearing such amazing words from the Norse myth, which penetrated straight through my chest to my heart: “Fear not death, for the hour of your doom is set and none may escape it.” The Norse were a pretty pessimistic people, as can be seen by their myths and legends, such as how only two persons (a man and a woman) will survive the day of Ragnarök (the end of the world). A cataclysm that even most of their gods will meet their doom in, such as Thor and Odin. Nevertheless, they still have a saying that understands a moral which is greatly needed in the United States, that death is not something that should be feared. Continue reading



In 2010, 38,364 people committed suicide, approximately 105.1 per day! Suicide is a terrible, horrible problem.

. . . I have lost three people whom I love to suicide–and I know of seven who I love, who I’ve almost lost, who have attempted suicide.

This blog is split into three sections: “If You are Thinking About Suicide,” “If You have a Friend Thinking of Suicide,” and “If You have Lost Someone to Suicide.” Read the section that you best relates to, and I pray that it will help you.

If You are Thinking About Suicide 8069462876_18cc59d48b_c

You are loved. You are unique. You are never alone.

Yes, this world is terrible, corrupt, and overwhelming—but there is no reason why you should take your own life. Everyone goes through obstacles, and yes some have harder lives than others, but no matter how bad life gets, there is always hope. There will always be a spec of life in the desert of despair. Yes, usually we do not see it while we are in our problems, but it is there.

I’ve also cut myself during a dark time in my life. . . . I understand how it feels, how it feels like an escape, like there is an easy way out, but the best things in life are never easy. Suicide is not the only way out. I can’t tell you what is, but know that there is another way; you just need to keep your eyes open for it. Continue reading