Harding Chapel: A Wake Up Call

This week in chapel, is both an awesome week, yet a challenging one. The theme this week, is “Struggles of the Faith.” Several speakers have graciously accepted the invitation, to come and to speak to us about personal struggles within their lives. Yesterday, we were spoken to by a friend of mine, Aristides (Aris) Ortiz, Jr., who was involved in a scary automobile accident just last semester. This, is his story:


(Skip to 15:47 for Aris’ testimony.)

P-I-Z-Z-A Spells ‘Thank you!’


pizza-hut-trinidad-and-tobago-pepperoni-lovers-pizzaIt could have been different.

I was not working last night but . . . If she had not hit that light pole, throwing the car off course to hit the corner beam of the building, she could have plowed straight through the dining room into the kitchen, killing at least 20 people . . . I could have lost friends last night. Thank You, God! For if it wasn’t for You . . .

When I received the news I was shocked! Something like this happening to . . . it’s scary! So scary. It could have been so different. I could have lost my friends last night! This reality came crashing to me. In an instant, people who I care and love for could have been gone.  Thank You, God that that didn’t happen.

Today, three brutal truths were learned from this event. 1. Cherish what you have now, for it could be taken away at any moment. 2. Your actions, your choices, your sins affect other people. 3. God is still at work today! He is a living God who is still performing miracles. THANK YOU, O MOST GRACIOUS LORD! THANK YOU!

If it wasn’t for Him, it could have been different.

~Photo Obtained