Like flowers, rainbows, and butterflies, vultures are creations of God. Yet, our reactions to these birds aren’t the same as they are for puppies or kittens, are they? They are seen as disgusting creatures, and for good reason. For vultures don’t have the cleanest of occupations; they eat decaying flesh. Enjoying bloated opossum as if it’s prime steak. Being birds branded as unclean to Israel by Yahweh Himself (Leviticus 11:13). They are animals associated with death and hang around dead things. Death being a byproduct of sin, being something unnatural that creates pain and fear.

Yet, though they carry out these dirty deeds, buzzards are most needed. Continue reading


Harding Chapel: “Don’t Wait 50 Years”

Today in chapel, we were blessed by the story of Dr. Steve Shaner. An encouraging tale that holds three needed lessons within it: to be thankful to those who inspire us, that we can achieve what we work for, and to not wait fifty years, to let those around us know how much we love them:

(Skip to 11:50 for the devo)