10 Two-Sentence Fantasies

1. Obsession

The elven archer had slayed the red dragon. Only to be swallowed by the beast within.

2. Dwarf Greed

Beautiful was the flawless diamond found within the dwarven mine. Oh, how great was the covetous fire, engulfing with topaz inferno and onyx smoke within that dwarven mine.

3. Zombiasm

Then, one patient among many—flue, measles, cancer—lying in a white hospital bed, infected with a disease. Now, one world, one disease, one fairness; one thirst—brains!

4. Gorgon

Curiosity, what does she look like? Just one peak—now cold stone.

5. Minotaur

The Minotaur is lost, wandering a stone maze—another dead end. Turns the corner—[a]

6. Wolf[b]

Resist, chain the monster inside, don’t think, resist the anger, the fury, the animal rage, resist! . . . The lunar light peaks out amongst the clouds, another flock and shepherd boy dead, corpses scattered across an open field.

7. Sky Gazing

Wind on my scales, sun warms my face, the fluffy, white clouds surround me as friends in the blue sky. Such a beautiful day—ended by a piercing arrow to the heart.

8. Chupacabra: Party Crasher

A Fiesta! Piñatas—maracas—sombreros—chimichangas—hot, spicy, guacamole-jalapeno nachos—fun, fun, fu—why does everyone run away when I show up? 😦

9. Snow Queen

In the North, sits the Queen of solitude, a throne of ice, an empty palace of snow, snowflakes fall, she’s wrapped in a polar bear fleece. Lonely, that was, until she froze the friend who sits beside her.

10. Snow White

Girl with snow white flesh, ash black hair, blood red lips, stands in dark woods—with a mysterious, [stranger] old woman—Genesis 3:6 forgotten because of her lack of Latin;—Regina holds out an apple! in her outstretched hand. The girl takes and eats it—dead—till true love’s first kiss.

[a] dead by Theseus’ hand.

[b] or “The Wolf Within”

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