TED Talks: “What I learned from 2,000 obituaries”

An interesting video presented by Lux Narayan, which I hope you’ll check out, and are open in having your perspective challenged:


A Dog Bark

Barking-DogWhat do you think of, when you hear a dog bark?

A pet? a bark of a puppy at a pet store that catches your heart, or maybe an annoying bark next door that’s always yapping when it’s outside, but it’s somebody’s cute, little fluffy. A companion? a bark of playful irritation when you’re too slow in throwing his ball. Or a guardian? a bark of security, knowing that no one is going to sneak into your house.

A dog bark = a pet, either a Chihuahua, or a Great Dane, or something in between. At least, that’s the average image that pops into the mind of a resident of the United States, but that’s not the only perspective of a dog bark. Continue reading


How do you view the world?

When you wake up, what do you see? When you peer into a mirror, what stands out?

Perspective. Everything that we experience or witness, is from perspective. When you look into the mirror, you will either notice your flaws, or your beauties. When you look outside, do you see the clouds? or the sunbeams peaking out? Or take two friends walking out of a movie theatre. One says, “That was awesome!” while the other says, “That wasn’t so great.”  This world, our lives, we live by perspective. Continue reading