graduation-caps-in-airThese last few weeks have been exciting, full of celebration–graduation. Though I will miss many of them as they leave, it’s been pretty awesome getting to witness friends beginning a new chapter of their lives, whether that be college, the workforce, the military, or a career after obtaining a degree.

graduation is an exciting time. After years of learning, of equipping yourself with tools, of work, sweat, and tears; finally, it arrives. It’s the celebration of accomplishment, a pat on the back–a “good job! you did it!” before you begin something new. . . . How glorious it will be, the day when Graduation comes.

Are we not all learning? from both the failures and accomplishments of our lives? Are we not equipping ourselves with tools that we can use in the life after this? Are we not working, sweating, and tearing? This life, is school/college. It is important, which means that it should not be taken lightly, sometimes requiring all nighters. It requires hard work, for life is not easy; yet, it also requires a healthy dose of rest, so that we do not wear ourselves out. And it requires relationship, for what stands out to you the most when you think of school or college? Is it that paper that you wrote, that math problem you solved? Is it that test that you passed or failed? Or is it the time that you spent with your friends? those who you care for? Continue reading

Our Big Hero

I should have noticed this myself, yet I didn’t. You see, I wish I could take credit for this blog; however, the idea came to me from a friend of mine, Jackson Shamblin.

In Big Hero 6, there is a lovable, marshmallow robot named Baymax. Baymax had been created by Tadashi Hamada, as a healthcare providing robot nurse. “You’re going to help a lot of people,” was Tadashi’s dream.

There is one, who is like Baymax. He had been sent to this earth as a physician, but not just a physician, the Great Physician–Jesus. Continue reading