It was not Beauty that Killed the Beast

The story of King Kong, is a tragedy. For the story ends–at least this version of Kong’s story, for Legendary’s King Kong in their MonsterVerse will soon (2020) be facing off against Godzilla–the story ends, with the iconic scene of the ape being slayed by airplanes a top of the Empire State Building. Then, the famous line is uttered, “It wasn’t the airplanes. . . . It was beauty killed the beast.” Of course my brother would joke, “No, it was the bullets,” but I would like to propose that it was another killer. Continue reading

Let Us Not Eclipse Glory

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
Mahatma Gandhi

An eclipse is a spectacular sight for one to behold! I had the privilege of witnessing such an event on August 21, 2017. It was amazing getting to see the moon inch closer and closer to the sun with my special eclipse glasses, though invisible to the naked eye. It was incredible sharing the excitement with friends and strangers. And truly awesome how quickly the landscape became dark when the eclipse was full. How the outdoor lights instantly lit and the crickets began to chirp, for about two minutes, before the day returned.

A solar eclipse is the result of the moon coming between the earth and her sun, the moon casting its shadow upon the planet. In nature, an eclipse is a spectacular sight. Not only are they beautiful, but also remarkable in how the tiny moon can, for an instant, block out the light and sight of the mighty sun.

In nature, an eclipse is a spectacular sight, not so in a spiritual sense. Continue reading

Earthly Treasures

Beauty and glimmer,
The man collects and stores
Decorating to his heart’s delight.

Like a magpie he’s attracted by things,
Beautiful things,
Elegant things to fill his walls and tables,
Shiny things to clean and display.
Neat things, new things, antique things,
Precious things to fill his home.

To the man he’s building a castle,
He decorates his tomb.