Life is What You Make it

Life is what you make it. . . .  Just sit back and think about that for a moment. Life is what you make it. The choices you make today—impact who will be tomorrow. The habits, the decisions, the people who you choose to hang out with, molds you into the person who you will be. That is why you must be careful of what you choose, for it’s easier to fix a problem when it’s but a seed, instead of trying to cut down a tree that it could grow into.

That’s another thing about life, it’s easy to fail and hard to succeed. Why do you think that’s it’s so rare and extraordinary to see someone become great or achieve a dream? Everyone has the capability; however, few pursue it because it’s hard. It’s easy to forget a problem, instead of facing it. It easy to make a new friend, instead of solving a conflict with the friend you have. It’s easy to have sex now, but so hard to wait until marriage. But just because something is easy, does not mean that we should pursue it, for usually, instant gratification lasts but an instant, while gratification that is prolonged for days, months, years even, is far sweeter, and have farther reaching rewards. Continue reading

How to be Like Jesus 101

1. Flip tables of greedy money changers. (Mtt. 21:12-13; Mark 11:15)

2. Spit is good, use it wisely. (Mark 8:23-25; John 9:6-7)

3. Look for lost sheep. (Mtt. 18:12-14; Luke 12:3-10)

4. Draw pictures in dirt, instead of looking at naked women. (John 8:1-11)

5. Donate blood. (Mtt. 26:28; Hebrew 9:22)

6. Storms are perfect times for naps. (Mtt. 8:23-27)

7. Wash feet. (Mtt. 26:14-39; Luke 22:24-27; Jon 13:1-17)

8. Be a cannibal (a Jesus’ cannibal). (Mtt. 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:14-23)

9. Fish for men. (Mtt. 4:19)

10. Love. (Mtt.; Mark, Luke, John)