One of the most tragic stories . . . is the fall of a hero.

There are few stories, that can compete with a good man, who becomes a monster. . . . Yet, monsters are not born, they are made.

There are many variables which mold us . . . but perhaps one of the greatest, are our choices.

We choose, how we react to each circumstance. We choose, how we see this world. We choose, what actions we take. We choose . . .

. . . Any good man, can become something else. One choice at a time.

. . . A hero who turns into monster, is one of the most tragic stories that can ever be told. . . .

But a man, who dies for another, is perhaps the most beautiful.

“Boy, I’m gonna put the fear of God in ya.”

fearpublicspeakingDid you know, that fear is good for your health?

Think of it. Without fear, you wouldn’t have a reason to not pick up that cute little snake with the rattle. Or without fear, it would be way too easy to jump off that cliff. Or without fear, that black spider with the orange hourglass could look like a great action figure to fight your G.I. Joe with. Without fear, I bet you there would be a lot more trips to the hospital, and many more bodies in the morgue.

To a point, fear is healthy. It’s a natural warning that something is dangerous. However, you don’t want fear to control your life. That’s when it starts to take away your health/keeps you from truly living.

One of the most feared fears in America, is public speaking. In my opinion, this is a healthy fear to have. For if one did not have the fear of talking to a crowd, it wold be far easier to chat away, and take up more time than necessary. For if a crowd has gathered, sitting, listening to what you speak, then they’re giving you something valuable–their time. A gift which cannot be taken back. Therefore, the one speaking, should be returning something just as valuable. Continue reading