Heroes: Batman~Beware the Darkness

Batman is one of DC’s most popular characters. And if there’s any doubt, just take a peek in the DC section of any store that sells comics. On average, at least half of their content contains Batman materials, with Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the other characters of DC combined filling the other half of the shelves. Yet, though Batman is perhaps the bread and butter of DC, he’s also one of the darkest. Therefore, why does Batman have such a following?

For some, they admire Batman, because he is just as human as they are, yet he is able to stand his own against foes that cause even Superman strife. Additionally, his cleverness, quick wit, and detective skills have made him a beneficial asset to the League in their mission to provide justice to all. However, there are also many who admire the Dark Knight, because he is more risqué than the other heroes. Continue reading


Facebook Posts: Matt Johnson

I’ve always been one of the “no Christmas music until after thanksgiving” people. But I also start longing for it once the temperatures start dropping. It’s something I’ve never really figured out, until the past couple weeks. While listening to it (through my earbuds, as to not make some upset at the untimely music), I started to evaluate the feelings it was evoking. It gave me a sense of longing. A longing for the colder weather, the food, the snow. But especially the time of family gatherings. Christmas is about the only time my family all gets together, and it’s a special occasion that I love and look forward to every year, and Christmas music helps me to get through those last couple months. Just an insight for those saying it’s too early for the music and the decorations in the stores. For some, its an emotional thing, and provides some sense of happiness in their lives.
Just thought I’d put that out there.

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The Spirit and the Dove

There are many themes that are seen throughout the Bible, such as how God tries to draw close to humanity as man distances himself again and again from his Creator (ex. Adam and Eve choosing to eat the fruit to ‘become like God’ instead of obeying His one rule, the people of Israel choosing Moses to represent them before Yahweh instead of having a personal relationship with Him themselves, and the people of Israel choosing a king to govern them so they could be like the other nations, instead of recognizing Yahweh as their king), or how the Lord uses water to save His people again and again (ex. the Flood, the Red Sea, and baptism). It’s neat how parts of the Bible from book to book or testament to testament connect so intimately. With that said, there may be one small theme that is also present within the words of Scripture; however, with little evidence, it’s hard to know for sure. Nevertheless, I’ll present this idea for your consideration. Continue reading

Why I CAN’T Wait for Heaven!

Within the church in the United States, we don’t talk about heaven as much as we should. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is because we’ve become too enticed by the world and have allowed too much of our consumerist culture affect our thoughts and actions. We like stuff.

Now, stuff itself is not bad; however, it can be. Sometimes, we make our stuff into idols. And sometimes, we just allow our things to tether us too tightly to this life, which is easy to do. There are some pretty neat stuff out there. And we understand this physical world that we can feel, smell, taste, and touch and are virtually blind to the spiritual world which is more vague and elusive. However, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that we have a greater hope. That this world is not our home. That what is broken now will be mended. That justice will prevail. That there will be a day which every tear will be wiped away. That there is something greater. Therefore, here are my top reasons why I can’t wait for heaven! Continue reading

“Be A Man”

No More Christian Nice Guy, written by Paul Coughlin, is one of the three books that I’m currently reading (the other two being: Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters by Dick Staub and Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker). This TED Talk below is one of the resources Coughlin uses in his sixth chapter. Men, I highly encourage you to check it out, and to see what Joe Ehrman says of how we can counter society’s view, of what it means to be a man:

To Tame a Dragon

Last night, I watched I Am Dragon, or Он – дракон (On – Drakón) as it’s said in Russian. It’s a “Beauty and a Beast” tale involving a girl named Mira. She is the daughter of a duke who is stolen by a dragon during her wedding day, just before she is wed to Igor, the grandson of a dragon slayer. She is taken to an island, made of the bones of a giant ancient dragon, where she meets a man by the name of Arman. It doesn’t take long for Mira to discover that Arman is, in fact, the dragon who kidnapped her. Unable to fly her off the island without killing her, Mira is trapped. Surrounded by ocean, she learns both how to live with this man and how to love a dragon.

It is a beautiful film with spectacular imagery. But other than that and the heartstring-plucking story, this movie also has another hidden gem. Continue reading