The Youth Obesssion

Ladies, you are beautiful.

I would first like to apologize for the heavy pressures that our society has put upon you, for truthfully, you are beautiful. And you don’t need makeup nor a treadmill for this fact to be true, nor is there inherent evil or wrongness by using such products. Yet know that makeup and other such things only highlight or enhance your beauty, but it is your face that draws the eye.

There are many victims in the social wars that wage on, and ladies, you are one of the victims in this particular issue. There are reasons, of course, why you are targeted by commercials and your self-worth is attacked, and you’re made to feel incomplete without a particular brand of mascara or lipstick. It is because, other than companies wanting to enlarge their profits, America has adopted idols into her worldview. And one such idol, is youth.

We live in a society that is centered on the physical, upon this life that we live now. Why show your wrinkles when you can cover them up? Why fashion gray hair when you can remain blonde, burnette, or redhead? Or why surrender passion when you can just take a Viagra? We live in a culture which desires to remain young, yet is aging day by day. Continue reading