Shower Epiphany: What if Cleanliness IS Associated with Holiness?

dirty_bathroom_by_mediamerc-d4nbcvhFor some reason, it’s hard for me to enjoy a relaxing, warm shower. For that is normally the place where ideas decide they should teleport themselves into my mind, which is the very thing they decided to do to me today.

Some settings within movies or books scream evil. True, this is largely due to the effects of Hollywood or the author to emanate the idea that this is indeed a dreadful place, but what if sometimes it’s more than that? For example, in The Lord of the Rings, Mordor radiates evil because of the influence of the dark lord which dwells within it, Sauron. This very thing is also seen when the necromancer dwells in Mirkwood, which before the corrupting touch of evil affected its flora and fauna–creating an inviting atmosphere for the evil, giant spiders to move in–was known as Greenwood. Or how Saruman’s conversion terraforms the forests surrounding Isengard, as he completely and utterly annihilates them. But what if this phenomenon isn’t just a storytelling device, but a truth which happens within our very homes?

Now, these are just thoughts I’ve been dwelling on for the last hour, but they forge an interesting theory. Again, a theory. I am not yet ready to announce these thoughts as law; however, I would ask you to give them consideration, and entertain the possibility they could ring true.  Continue reading

Christmas: Remember

I love the Christmas season! There’s just something–über special about it. . . . But, this time of year is also a difficult time for many. Many who have lost loved ones, who they are unable to spend Christmas with. A loved one who may have even been lost during this season. Or a time of loneliness. Or a time of poverty, preventing parents the ability to buy gifts for their kids. Or a time where a loved one is unable to come home, for he might be far away serving to protect the freedom of this country.

In the midst of our celebration of the birth of Christ, let us not feel guilty, but let us remember those who are hurting during this time. Let us pray for them, and do what we can to bring Christmas cheer to them. Not necessarily cheer them up, but make Christmas special for them too. To show they are surrounded by those who care, even through the most difficult times of life.

“The Blue & the Beyond” and Other Stories

Looking for stories to challenge your reality? Tales that touch both the mind and the heart? Narratives just as effective as any alarm clock? Then look no further.

Surfing Youtube the other day, I stumbled upon these videos. Truly, I wish I could take credit for them, but alas, honesty prevents me from doing so. With that said, and without further introduction, I present to you the animated short films: “The Blue & the Beyond,” “Overcomer,” “BROKEN: Rock, Paper, Scissors,” “Roadkill Redemption,” and the “Alchemist’s Letter.”

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How ‘Christian’ Means Something More

1e5d3154d94c47f30d5ac0591494f7c1Recite what has been revealed to you of the Book, and establish the prayer. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing.

This quote comes from the the Qur’an. However, knowing this or even quoting this verse does not make one Muslim. True, the Qur’an is a crucial part in the Islamic tradition, but it takes more than being able to quote a verse or two from this book in order to be a faithful follower of Allah, such as performing the Five Pillars: saying the declaration of faith, prayer, giving alms, fasting during Ramadan, and making a pilgrimage to Mecca [if one is financially able to]. It takes more than knowing the Qur’an to be a Muslim, for anyone can memorize pages in a book.

It takes more than knowing the Bible, to be a Christian. Continue reading

Margaret Keane: A Mother, an Artist, and a Storyteller

08e0e610-7c1d-11e4-a916-3fee2a7a4fc4_big-eyesThis week, I was enticed by the story of Margaret Keane.

A few nights ago, I was sifting through Netflix when I stumbled upon the Tim Burton’s film, Big Eyes. I was amazed, awed, and touched by the story of this woman.

Margaret Keane had been painting ever since she was ten, members of her church remembering how she would draw ‘big eyed’ angels. She would later attend the Watkins Art Institute in Nashville and the Traphagen School of Design in New York City. The fingerprint of her paintings being the large eyes of her subjects. For Margaret was fascinated by the eyes, believing them to be the purest expressions of the soul.

After divorcing her first husband, Frank Ulbrich, she became a mother, who was trying to provide for her daughter during the 50’s, a time when women didn’t have many rights. An artist, who fell under the charm of Walter Keane, who portrayed himself to be an artist too. And a storyteller, living out a beautiful story of both light and darkness. Continue reading

God still Reigns, and Jesus is Lord


Discussing politics, is usually like poking a bear with a very sharp stick. Because of the sensitivity of this topic, I have made it a personal policy of mine to not share my political views on social media–which is still a policy I uphold and is not the purpose for this blog. However, this is a topic, though very fragile, which I cannot remain utterly silent upon. This post is not to share my favor nor disfavor for one party or the other, or to bash nor support the candidate who was and was not chosen for election. This post instead, is to share three amazing truths spoken in chapel today by my university’s most wise president, Dr. Bruce McLarty: Continue reading

Heroes: Martian Manhunter~Loving Acceptance

vlcsnap-01233ddMartian Manhunter, is one of the most op heroes in the DC universe. Possessing such a wide spectrum of abilities which include: super strength, flying, telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, intangibility, and regeneration. He can also launch “Martian Beams” from out of his eyes, as well as shape-shift, having the ability to change himself on the molecular level into anything he wishes, ranging from a monstrous dragon to a common man. J’onn J’onzz is a force to be reckoned with. He’s often depicted as a founding member of the League and a hero who can even take on Superman. He’s also often one of the last survivors of Mars, and perhaps one of the top reasons why many still watch Supergirl, the show still needing some tweaking, such as its unneeded feminist emphasis and political correctness.

Anyways, all this to say, that J’onn is, ‘da bomb!’

However, though he has all these powers and abilities, the martian still has many problems of his own. Often portrayed as a lonely character, because he is one of the last of his kind. Not only does he suffer from survivor’s guilt, but he is also an alien living in culture that he’s constantly learning how to adapt too, while disguised in a skin that is not his own. Continue reading