Church Most Wanted

ag89082_createdSome of the greatest crimes that the early Christians of the First Century Church were accused of and persecuted for, were: atheism, cannibalism, and incest. Bizarre? Then is might come to no surprise, that they were accused by those who heard Christians speak, their lingo, but did not know Christianity for themselves.

  • Atheism: (Christians refused to participate in communal ceremonies to worship the gods or the emperors).
  • Cannibalism: (Drinking the blood and eating the flesh of Christ).
  • Incest: (Marrying your brother or sister–in Christ).

The things you learn while studying Church History, and a prime example of misunderstanding.

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Chickens, Opossums, and Watermelon

382042_2689351912198_481138585_nMmm, delish! I thought to myself, as I scooted away my empty plate; sitting at the dinner table of my grandparents’ house. My gut was filled with beans and hamburger.

Ricky, the dancing dachshund who was begging on his hind legs (all he needed was a tutu and he would fit into a circus) gave up his futile attempt for food and scuttled away. (I wasn’t as nice as my grandparents, who spoiled him with treats from their plates.—I like food.)

“Who’s ready for watermelon?” asked grandpa, as he placed a huge melon on top of the table, twice the size of a normal melon that you see at the store. It was speckled with yellow dots? I thought it was mold, till grandpa said: “It’s safe. They call it moon and stars. There’s plenty of stars, but I don’t see the moon.” Continue reading