“Hear this word”

“Hear this word, you cows of Bashan,
who are on the mountain of Samaria,” Amos 4:1a

Fonterra Open New Processing PlantIs this a cow? How do you know?

Because it is a cow. It looks like a cow, acts like a cow, probably smells like a cow, but it is a cow, and you recognize that.

Are you a Christian?

In this verse of Amos, God is calling out His people in the northern kingdom, calling them cows–because you become what you worship.

I’m so guilty of getting caught up in life, getting distracted with school, work, TV shows, and trying to keep somewhat of a social life. The ironic thing is, I’m a Bible major, and yet I get so wrapped up in grades and papers and tests, that I frequently forget my first love, I forget why I’m majoring in Bible in the first place. That I love my God, and I chose my major, so that I can grow, learn, prepare, and better equip myself to share this love.

It is so easy to get wrapped up and tied up in this world. Whether that be school, work, sports, whatever, but we become what we worship. What is taking preference in your life?

God, He’s there, and we can see Him. Through His creation, through people, through His gifts and blessings, yet we don’t see Him, His majesty in it’s fullness, which makes it so easy to place Him on the back burner, for we better understand what we physically experience, see, feel, touch–yet, by doing so, we lose. We become what we worship.

The further we push God away, the less we become like Him. Like that pesky alarm clock that we want to kill every morning, we constantly need an alarm, to be woken up–snapped out of reality. This world can easily constrict us, but what’s really important? A test on Tuesday, or food for your soul? (Don’t get me wrong, that test on Tuesday is probably important; however, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just a test. How much does it actually weigh on the grand scale?)

Don’t let life define you, for you become what you worship.

An idol, is anything in your life that takes your attention away from God. So yes, we don’t create little images out of wood or clay, which we bow down to and bake little goodies for, yet each of us create idols within our lives that we’re usually not aware of. We get tied up and blinded by busyness, which the enemy takes joy in, for sometimes we get so distracted, we don’t even mirror Him, consumed by my life, my tasks, my wants, my problems–myself.

And within that busyness, what takes up the most of your time/what do you spend most of your time doing?

You become what you worship.

Are you a Christian? How do you know?

Do you look like a Christian? act like a Christian? smell like a Christian? Are you a Christian, and do others recognize that?

*Inspired from a lecture by Dr. Youngblood

~Photo Obtained


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