Tornadoes, Churches, and Challenges

17103809_10212277254145689_5238984019225815038_nOn February 28, a storm system swept across the Central United States, taking with it three known persons. One town which was affected, was Higginson, AR. Luckily, no one was killed, but between 10-15 were hospitalized, with many others experiencing property damage. Some having their roofs cleanly ripped off, with others completely losing their demolished homes. Not to mention photo albums or other irreplaceable treasures. Nor the fear which comes by having your mortality dangled in front of you. Or the mortality of your loved ones . . .

Tornadoes, are a terrible business. They destroy, impact, and change lives forever. . . . But, despite their destructive nature, one cool side-effect, is seeing how they bring people together. Despite age, skin color, nationality, or religion, people tend to come together when others are in need. Yes, there’s some who take advantage of the situation, but there are many more who try to help their fellow man.

In the midst of destruction, it’s beautiful seeing this unity. An experience I have personally witnessed in 2011, 2013, and now 2017. . . . A sight, I wish was more common.

A sight, I wish did not take a natural disaster to create. A sight, I wish was seen more in the Church.

It would be cool, seeing a love/a unity like no other. Despite age, skin color, nationality, or denominations, within the Church. . . . Therefore, I challenge her to strive for this unity. Not expecting perfection, but expecting her to become a more loving bride than what she is now. Praying, that one day, the Church will be just as effective–better even–in bringing people together, than a tornado.


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