Heroes: The Flash~Fools–Warriors (Wally West)

“You play the fool, to hide a warrior’s pain.”—Orion

In Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, The Flash is a super fast hero who’s smart aleck, constantly flirts with women, makes unwitty comebacks, and is usually taken as an immature character, especially by members of the League who don’t know him, such as Orion. To him, The Flash appears dumb, childish. However, at the end of the episode Flash and Substance, Orion discovers a new perspective of Flash, “You play the fool, to hide a warrior’s pain.”

How many are there who are around us, do we think are dumb, immature, have low self-esteem, while in reality, they make themselves appear that way to hide their pain? What if they make fun of themselves to make others laugh, because the laughter of others makes them forget their own hurts? What if they appear dumb, so that they have a mask to protect their most vulnerable side from others, a barrier to keep others from knowing the real them? What if they have low self-esteem, because they don’t feel good enough about themselves, because of all the crud that is weighing them down in their life?

How many out there are people who we think are fools, while in reality, they are people in pain: suffering from divorce, dealing with the death of a loved one, hurting from a missing father, mending a broken heart, wishing that they had a friend who they can trust. The saying, “You don’t know a person until you wear their shoes,” is absolute truth. This world is filled with people hiding behind masks. Without a mask you’re open, vulnerable, a target that others can shoot. Masks are a defense, but by using them, we hide who we truly are. The person we see and the person they are, may be two completely different people. They may look like an idiot, while in reality, they just want someone to love them.

This world is filled with hurting people. Let us remember that as we slow our judgments, and try to learn how to love on people more.

~Photo Obtained

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