Heroes: Batman~Beware the Darkness

Batman is one of DC’s most popular characters. And if there’s any doubt, just take a peek in the DC section of any store that sells comics. On average, at least half of their content contains Batman materials, with Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the other characters of DC combined filling the other half of the shelves. Yet, though Batman is perhaps the bread and butter of DC, he’s also one of the darkest. Therefore, why does Batman have such a following?

For some, they admire Batman, because he is just as human as they are, yet he is able to stand his own against foes that cause even Superman strife. Additionally, his cleverness, quick wit, and detective skills have made him a beneficial asset to the League in their mission to provide justice to all. However, there are also many who admire the Dark Knight, because he is more risqué than the other heroes. Continue reading

Heroes: Black Panther~The King of kings

Black-Panther-Poster-CroppedLast weekend, I got to see Black Panther with a group of friends–and it was well worth the wait! The story was solid, the sites were stunning, and the action was awesome! I also enjoyed how there was representation with many women and black characters; however, they represented without making the white men look dumb–Agent Ross still had a very important part to play at the end. Nevertheless, my biggest complaint, is that there were no elephants. I mean, we were in Africa, and I didn’t see a glimpse of my favorite animal, which makes this movie a nine out of ten in my book. (The sandy elephant you see in the intro story doesn’t, doesn’t count–it’s not a real elephant.)

Like I said, it was another good movie produced by Marvel. Other than the popcorn and getting to share this experience with a group of good friends, my favorite part of the movie, was the wisdom that King T’Chaka shared with his son, “You are a good man, with a good heart. And it’s hard for a good man to be a king.” Continue reading


One of the most tragic stories . . . is the fall of a hero.

There are few stories, that can compete with a good man, who becomes a monster. . . . Yet, monsters are not born, they are made.

There are many variables which mold us . . . but perhaps one of the greatest, are our choices.

We choose, how we react to each circumstance. We choose, how we see this world. We choose, what actions we take. We choose . . .

. . . Any good man, can become something else. One choice at a time.

. . . A hero who turns into monster, is one of the most tragic stories that can ever be told. . . .

But a man, who dies for another, is perhaps the most beautiful.

Heroes: Groot~I Am

4208775-grootIn 2014, an unlikeliest hero was brought to the screen. Though this character has been around since November 1960, when he first appeared in Marvel’s Tales to Astonish issue #13, he has found an increase in notoriety because of both good marketing and his cuteness factor, which has been recently previewed in the second trailer of the new edition of Guardians of the Galaxy. This hero being the tree creature–Groot.

As Groot’s best friend, Rocket [the raccoon], makes clear to Star-Lord, that at first listen, Groot’s vocabulary might not sound so intelligent,”Well he don’t know talkin’ good like me and you, so his vocabulistics is limited to ‘I’ and ‘am’ and ‘Groot,’ exclusively in that order.” Yet, what if this is not the whole story? Continue reading

Heroes: Martian Manhunter~Loving Acceptance

vlcsnap-01233ddMartian Manhunter, is one of the most op heroes in the DC universe. Possessing such a wide spectrum of abilities which include: super strength, flying, telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, intangibility, and regeneration. He can also launch “Martian Beams” from out of his eyes, as well as shape-shift, having the ability to change himself on the molecular level into anything he wishes, ranging from a monstrous dragon to a common man. J’onn J’onzz is a force to be reckoned with. He’s often depicted as a founding member of the League and a hero who can even take on Superman. He’s also often one of the last survivors of Mars, and perhaps one of the top reasons why many still watch Supergirl, the show still needing some tweaking, such as its unneeded feminist emphasis and political correctness.

Anyways, all this to say, that J’onn is, ‘da bomb!’

However, though he has all these powers and abilities, the martian still has many problems of his own. Often portrayed as a lonely character, because he is one of the last of his kind. Not only does he suffer from survivor’s guilt, but he is also an alien living in culture that he’s constantly learning how to adapt too, while disguised in a skin that is not his own. Continue reading

Heroes: Superman~Man of Steel, Heart of Gold


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming out this weekend, I thought I would take this opportunity and finally write about my favorite superhero, Superman. Now, I know many think he’s lame, too OP, and believe it’s dumb how he can be beaten by a little rock. I mean he is,  “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound,” as well as possessing x-ray and heat vision, can freeze objects with his breath, able to explode like a solar flare, and has the ability to time travel. He’s survived a supernova, tied with the Flash in a race, and has moved the entire earth both by himself and with the help of GL. (And I mean, he’s also best friends with Batman, when they’re not fighting that is.) However, instead of hating him because he is so awesome OP, I admire him for it. Kal-El has all this power, and if he wanted to, he could rule over humanity. Yet instead, he embraces it and serves it. (Additionally, he’s not as overpowered as Dr. Manhattan, who can create matter, disintegrate people, able to observe both the past, present, and future simultaneously–pretty much possessing unlimited power, while Superman does have kryptonite to keep him in check.)

Instead of seizing power, becoming a god to be worshiped, Superman embraces his humble beginnings. Raised in Smallville, Kansas, Kal-El or Clark Kent, explored humanity as both a farm boy and an alien learning how to control his powers. Struggling like us learning how to fit in yet embracing being different. For from the very beginning, Clark knew he was different. From the start, he could have used his abilities to gain advantage over others, even his parents. He could have grasped power, instead submitting himself to their authority. Similarly to how Jesus humbled himself to become a man, a baby in fact, submitting himself to his parents. For that is a another amazing thing which I love about Clark, is in many ways he’s similar to Jesus, embodying many Christlike qualities.
Continue reading


Superboy_Vol_5_1“It must be nice to have magic. And be useful.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I went out there to help her. But I couldn’t do anything because I’m just . . . ordinary.”

“Henry . . . We are each given our own gifts. You have the heart of the truest believer. You brought us all together. Never think you’re ordinary just because you don’t have magic. . . . Or claws, or . . . or purple shorts. And don’t worry about Emma. She’s a hero, and as we both know–”

[In unison] “Heroes always win.”

(A conversation between Henry and Regina, with comic books in their laps, “Once Upon a Time Season 4, Episode 8 (“Smash the Mirror, Part 1”))

Oh how I can relate to Henry. . . . Still, if you would ask me today, “What do you want to be when you grow up? Anything, no strings attached.” I would answer with: “A superhero.” Continue reading