Heroes: Martian Manhunter~Loving Acceptance

vlcsnap-01233ddMartian Manhunter, is one of the most op heroes in the DC universe. Possessing such a wide spectrum of abilities which include: super strength, flying, telekinesis, telepathy, invisibility, intangibility, and regeneration. He can also launch “Martian Beams” from out of his eyes, as well as shape-shift, having the ability to change himself on the molecular level into anything he wishes, ranging from a monstrous dragon to a common man. J’onn J’onzz is a force to be reckoned with. He’s often depicted as a founding member of the League and a hero who can even take on Superman. He’s also often one of the last survivors of Mars, and perhaps one of the top reasons why many still watch Supergirl, the show still needing some tweaking, such as its unneeded feminist emphasis and political correctness.

Anyways, all this to say, that J’onn is, ‘da bomb!’

However, though he has all these powers and abilities, the martian still has many problems of his own. Often portrayed as a lonely character, because he is one of the last of his kind. Not only does he suffer from survivor’s guilt, but he is also an alien living in culture that he’s constantly learning how to adapt too, while disguised in a skin that is not his own.

Mankind always seems to fear what we don’t understand, such as the sea, the dark, or even God. We have troubles accepting differences, wanting everyone to think and to act just like us. Be something that we can understand/control. Yet, how boring would a zoo be, if in every cage there were only penguins?

13406859_10209766194690772_4836441667711395995_nIf we have trouble accepting each other based on skin color or nationality, how much more trouble would we have in accepting another being from another planet?

Now true, as far as we currently know, aliens do not exist (unless if you go to Roswell, New Mexico, they’re everywhere there). But humor me for a moment. If aliens did exist, would you be able to accept them? Could you be a friend to someone with green skin? Could you accept someone who is different? Could you love them? Now take that a step back. Could you be a friend to someone with black or white skin? Could you accept someone who is different? Could you love them?

Truthfully, the Lord made each and every one of us different, yet He loves each and every one of us the same. We all were created in His image, granted this great gift and honor. Yet why are we challenged in accepting each other? Why can we not see beauty in differences? Would the rainbow be just as pretty if it was only red?

Yes, there needs to be some conformity in order to keep unity within a society, but there also needs to be variety; otherwise, this world would be quite bland. Filled with depressed robots dressed in gray. No joy or life nor colors, but blandness. Is that the world which we want to create? the fate we wish for our children?

Or, what about a world filled with differences and uniquenesses, artistic abilities praised just as much as mental or physical abilities? A world where it’s okay to walk around with an open backpack without everyone trying to zip it up for you? A world where you are not judged by the color of your skin? Or a world where even Yoda or E.T. could call home without discrimination?

Which world of tomorrow, are we creating today?

Disclaimer: This blog does not sponsor ignorance. Not all aliens are created equal. Some aliens are bad all bad, and must be shot on sight, or human extinction will follow:



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