God still Reigns, and Jesus is Lord


Discussing politics, is usually like poking a bear with a very sharp stick. Because of the sensitivity of this topic, I have made it a personal policy of mine to not share my political views on social media–which is still a policy I uphold and is not the purpose for this blog. However, this is a topic, though very fragile, which I cannot remain utterly silent upon. This post is not to share my favor nor disfavor for one party or the other, or to bash nor support the candidate who was and was not chosen for election. This post instead, is to share three amazing truths spoken in chapel today by my university’s most wise president, Dr. Bruce McLarty:

  1. “God will reign. Whoever wins, God is still the ruler of all.”
  2. “Whoever wins, sin will remain. Governments, will never be the solution for our deepest problems. Jesus is.”
  3. “When the sun comes up, whoever wins, the Gospel still needs to be preached, to a world that needs to hear it.”

Let us remember Church, as I paraphrase the intro of McLarty’s speech, that our fellowship, is more important than our politics. That Jesus, is more important than if we are a Republican, a Democrat, or something else. That our Savior who unites us, is more important than our passionate opinions.

Let us also remember, to pray for our president. To pray for our government. And to pray for our country.


~Photo Obtained 


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