Shower Epiphany: What if Cleanliness IS Associated with Holiness?

dirty_bathroom_by_mediamerc-d4nbcvhFor some reason, it’s hard for me to enjoy a relaxing, warm shower. For that is normally the place where ideas decide they should teleport themselves into my mind, which is the very thing they decided to do to me today.

Some settings within movies or books scream evil. True, this is largely due to the effects of Hollywood or the author to emanate the idea that this is indeed a dreadful place, but what if sometimes it’s more than that? For example, in The Lord of the Rings, Mordor radiates evil because of the influence of the dark lord which dwells within it, Sauron. This very thing is also seen when the necromancer dwells in Mirkwood, which before the corrupting touch of evil affected its flora and fauna–creating an inviting atmosphere for the evil, giant spiders to move in–was known as Greenwood. Or how Saruman’s conversion terraforms the forests surrounding Isengard, as he completely and utterly annihilates them. But what if this phenomenon isn’t just a storytelling device, but a truth which happens within our very homes?

Now, these are just thoughts I’ve been dwelling on for the last hour, but they forge an interesting theory. Again, a theory. I am not yet ready to announce these thoughts as law; however, I would ask you to give them consideration, and entertain the possibility they could ring true. 

We know that when Adam and Eve consumed the fruit which they were told, ‘thou shall not eat,’ they allowed sin to enter into the world. Not only did this affect their relationship with the Father, not only did it affect mankind, but if also affected the earth–all of creation. The brokenness of sin was felt by God-Man-and Nature. Using this example, what if our decisions have effects upon what we come into contact with? And since we spend much time within the home and so too make many decisions within it, what if our choices of sin or righteousness effect our homes?

Think of it, what kind of words do our walls absorb? What kind of actions are reflected within our mirrors? Or what kind of things are played from our electronics?

Leviticus deals a lot with laws, laws, and more laws for the Hebrews. Many of these laws deal with cleanliness. What if, Yahweh did not only give these laws to protect His people from bacteria, but also from spiritual forces? Think of it, in Genesis 1 God gave mankind dominion over His creation, that He put us in charge of taking care of it. Such as outside we prune, uproot, and water, yet, what if this same command is for the home as well? That cleaning the toilet, taking out the trash, and washing dishes are actions we perform to take good care of what has been entrusted to us within our stewardship of this world? This would provide more legitimacy/importance for a woman who decides to stay home instead of joining the workforce. Not only is she educating her children how to be lovers of the Father, but she is also keeping out the forces of chaos and spiritual enemies, by creating order in the home, and by making a cleanly atmosphere which repels such forces instead of inviting them.

Now true, there are things which naturally wear and tear within the home, just like our bodies. But what if some things break down prematurely because of our sinful choices? Or what if some things stop working, because of a demon or another dark, supernatural force has been invited into the home by the sinful actions, or the decisions of neglect [in cleaning] of its residents? Or oppositely, what if a demonic force creates chaos within the home, because the Enemy sent it to bother the faithful Christians who are on his hitlist? Or what if even, things in the home go wrong because of an angelic force, as a wake up call that something other than the toaster or the washing machine needs fixing?

What if our very choices affect the atmosphere within our homes? That a home can feel welcoming and good, or on the opposite, distant and bad. What if our decisions create a house either with the feel of Rivendell, or the dread of Mordor? Which in turn effects us as we continue to affect it, a cycle which could potentially trap someone in a terrible place if he decides to be a terrible person.

Like I stated before, this is only a theory, brought on by sprinkles of warm water exciting neurons. . . . But what if the physical is more connected with the spiritual than what we believe in our society? What if science and the supernatural are not on separate wavelengths, but parallel ones?


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2 thoughts on “Shower Epiphany: What if Cleanliness IS Associated with Holiness?

  1. I have never read something like this before this is very interesting and it opened my mind to think about what you wrote it is very true I can relate to this and I just found the answer to things in my life thank you for sharing your thoughts

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, Naomi. And like I stated in the post, at the moment it’s only a theory; I don’t have enough concrete evidence to state it as fact. However, I believe it could truly be a reality. For one, it shows that the physical and the spiritual may not be as separate as what we want to believe. And second, it places just as much importance upon a mom who decides to stay home and take care of her house and kids, and as a dad who spends long hours in the office, and vice versa.

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