The Ultimate Gift

Walmart is busy this time of year. So if you’re praying for patience, it’s the place to go. And Amazon’s working overtime to deliver goodies and gifts before the December 25th deadline. For many stores, Christmastime is perhaps the busiest time of the year. Why? Because everyone is shopping for gifts.

One of the many traditions of Christmas, is the exchanging of presents. One reason why some stores, *cough Walmart, begin Christmas in August. Businesses love selling stuff. It makes them money. And it’s also natural for us to like getting presents. Oh, the sweet, sweet dopamine that is released as we strip away the decorative wrapping to see what is inside. However, I would like to remind us, that though it’s fun to get, Christmas is not about getting; it’s about giving. Continue reading

Christmas: Remember

I love the Christmas season! There’s just something–über special about it. . . . But, this time of year is also a difficult time for many. Many who have lost loved ones, who they are unable to spend Christmas with. A loved one who may have even been lost during this season. Or a time of loneliness. Or a time of poverty, preventing parents the ability to buy gifts for their kids. Or a time where a loved one is unable to come home, for he might be far away serving to protect the freedom of this country.

In the midst of our celebration of the birth of Christ, let us not feel guilty, but let us remember those who are hurting during this time. Let us pray for them, and do what we can to bring Christmas cheer to them. Not necessarily cheer them up, but make Christmas special for them too. To show they are surrounded by those who care, even through the most difficult times of life.