To Wallow in Sin

PIG_02_LS0032_01_PPigs are gross!

They wallow in mud, in filth (since they possess no sweat glands to keep themselves cool, which brings new light to the expression, “Sweating like a pig”). The pig was designated “unclean” to God’s people in the Old Testament (most in-likely to protect them from diseases and parasites that can be contracted when pork is not properly cooked), And the pig, because it parts the hoof but does not chew the cud, is unclean for you. Their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch (Deuteronomy 14:8). And when hungry enough, pigs will eat practically anything: slop, leftovers, fruits and vegetables, tree bark, grass, bugs, corn in cow patties, rotting roadkill, even a human body–flesh, meat, as well as bone. It’s amazing that something so good as bacon, comes from creatures like these.

However, like humans, they dream and like to snuggle, they are extremely curious and enjoy exploring, they even enjoy (as discovered in animal sanctuaries according to PETA) listening to music, kicking soccer balls, and receiving massages. We share many more traits with these animals than what we would like to admit, besides genetically and physically–especially our digestion systems (since both pigs and humans are omnivores).

When life gets rough, how often do we tend to wallow in our mud? in our sin? When an escape is needed, how many Americans are guilty of opening their computers, than their Bibles? Why do so many find comfort in drugs, in alcohol, in sex–in sin, than what is holy?

We are more similar to pigs than what we would like to admit. We are gross! We tend to wallow in mud, in filth. Before we accept grace, we are designated as “unclean” by God. And when famished, we will eat almost anything to satisfy the holes in our hearts, our pains and hurts.

But, we don’t have to share this similarity. Being aware of this, we can strive for change. Strive for what is holy instead of filth. Turning to God, the Bible, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in times of perils, instead of our personal sins, our filth. To accept grace and forgiveness, instead of taking advantage of it. To be the people who God wants us to be, instead of the pigs of the earth.

Which of these, will you choose?


~Photo Obtained 


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