Our Big Hero

I should have noticed this myself, yet I didn’t. You see, I wish I could take credit for this blog; however, the idea came to me from a friend of mine, Jackson Shamblin.

In Big Hero 6, there is a lovable, marshmallow robot named Baymax. Baymax had been created by Tadashi Hamada, as a healthcare providing robot nurse. “You’re going to help a lot of people,” was Tadashi’s dream.

There is one, who is like Baymax. He had been sent to this earth as a physician, but not just a physician, the Great Physician–Jesus. Now no, Jesus is not a marshmallow robot, but he does share many similarities with Baymax. And notice that I say similarities, for Baymax is a great example of one aspect of Jesus, his lambness, for remember, Jesus is also the ‘Lion of Judah.’ And yes, though the film hints that Baymax has a lion within him (when Hiro takes out his healthcare chip and tells him to “Destroy” Dr. Callaghan) Baymax’s lambness is largely more dominant than his lion; however, this allows for a beautiful picture of one side of our Lord and Savior. It is not a perfect metaphor, (I mean, Baymax also acts ‘drunk’ in one scene); however, it is still an eyeopener.

download“I cannot deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care . . . You are my patient. Your health is my only concern.” Wow, does this not remind you of the cross? Jesus, allowed his body to be shredded, stripped, and hung on a cross for you, for your salvation. In the garden he pleaded that if there was another way, then let it be done, “Yet not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42b). His health was our only concern. And like Hiro, we can choose to either accept it, and say “I’m satisfied with my care.” . . . or reject it–

Jesus is our physician. He is also our shield. Just as Baymax took that large piece of shrapnel for Hiro, or held him close as they fell out the window of a factory, absorbing the impact and giving Hiro a soft landing, so too is Jesus our shield. No, this does not mean that we will have the perfect life, that nothing bad will ever happen to us, for there is still brokenness, there is still sin in this world. Yet, we can still take comfort in the thought that he have someone looking out for us. Someone who’s protecting us, holding us close to him in his arms.

Jesus is our physician, our shield, and our salvation. Like Baymax, so too did Jesus sacrifice himself, so like Hiro we could be saved. If it was not for Jesus, we would have been trapped forever; if it was not for Baymax, so too would Hiro have been trapped, yet we were rescued by love. And like Jesus, not only did Baymax sacrifice himself, but he also–

~Photo Obtained


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