Heroes: Ant-Man~Never too small

AntMan06On July 17, a tiny hero busted into theaters; however, as of September 15, his movie has made over $395,051,488 in box office ticket sales worldwide. Like everyone else, I had my doubts if Marvel was going to pull off making a decent movie of a man who can shrink and talk to ants; however, I was pleasantly surprised, for Ant-Man over night became one of my favorite Marvel movies, though I do wish that the cussing level in it was toned down.

This tiny hero proved that there is no size when fighting evil. That even the smallest things, ant-size–atomic-size, can make a difference. You think that we would have learned this lesson by now, with role models such as the short Jedi master, Yoda, “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?,” the small Hobbits who saved Middle Earth, and petite David who took down the mighty Goliath, yet tis easy for us to forget, and doubt, and so we constantly need reminded. Continue reading