Till Death Do Us Part

Yesterday, I got to witness one of my good friends become a husband! It was truly beautiful getting to see him and his bride share how much they love each other through their vows. Amazing getting to see them begin their journey together, creating something beautiful. Touching to see the love their family and friends had for them, strangers and friends coming together to witness and celebrate this very special occasion. And the cake was good too.

I pray that the Lord will bless them both, and that they will celebrate a long and healthy marriage, together.

I was reminded yesterday, that marriage is a beautiful thing that has been created and ordained by God (Genesis 2:23-24). And it’s because of this, that it is heavily attacked. Continue reading

The Law of the Jungle: Little Bear Learns from Big Bear

All of us, if we admit it or not, seek a mentor. Someone to show us the ropes in life. Whether that be how to throw a baseball, how to fish, or how to make a pizza. Someone to show us and give us advice in how to live. How to be a man or a woman. This is why we’re attracted to certain people who are older than us, who we look up to. Life, is so easy to get lost in, and we want/need help living it. Even us who like to do things on their own, like me, still have thoughs whom we look up to, and even ask for help when we need it.

We all thirst for a mentor, which is why we should establish relationships with them. Make if official, ask the one(s) whom we admire if he or she will mentor us. For the mentor shouldn’t press himself upon an individual, for the student, the mentee will only learn if he or she chooses to learn. Continue reading