To Love a Monster

Last night, I got to view Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald with some very good friends of mine. Though there are some fantastic views and great setup for what is to come, there is one line, said by Leta Lestrange, which stuck out to me more than all the magic and fantastic creatures that this film has to offer: “Oh Newt. You never met a monster you couldn’t love.”

Newt Scamander is one of the movie’s main protagonists, who is an odd character choice for such a role, for Gryffindor and Slytherin type personalities are the most prominent character choices for lead roles, yet Newt is an awkward Hufflepuff, who has a heart for magical beasts, many who are often misunderstood by the magical community. And Leta considers herself a monster, because of the dark secret she carries of a deed which she has done. Continue reading


To Tame a Dragon

Last night, I watched I Am Dragon, or Он – дракон (On – Drakón) as it’s said in Russian. It’s a “Beauty and a Beast” tale involving a girl named Mira. She is the daughter of a duke who is stolen by a dragon during her wedding day, just before she is wed to Igor, the grandson of a dragon slayer. She is taken to an island, made of the bones of a giant ancient dragon, where she meets a man by the name of Arman. It doesn’t take long for Mira to discover that Arman is, in fact, the dragon who kidnapped her. Unable to fly her off the island without killing her, Mira is trapped. Surrounded by ocean, she learns both how to live with this man and how to love a dragon.

It is a beautiful film with spectacular imagery. But other than that and the heartstring-plucking story, this movie also has another hidden gem. Continue reading

Heroes: Thor~Buildings vs. People

I’m warning you now, SPOILER ALERT. No, this isn’t a movie review, and I won’t be talking about the whole film. But the one thing I want to concentrate on kind of gives away the climax of the movie. So if you don’t want the ending spoiled, watch the movie first and then come back to this blog. You have been warned.

With that said, Thor: Ragnarok has been out in theaters for a little over two weeks now–and has been killing it in the box office, especially compared to Justice League . . .

Anyways, except for the elevation of foul language and crude humor, and seeing the backside of a Hulk (never gonna get that image out of my head) it’s a fun movie! and an epic conclusion to the Thor Trilogy! Continue reading

God is . . .


The BFG is a whoopsey-splunkers film! I highly enjoyed watching it today with some cool friends of mine. There are many laughs within this movie, which I won’t spoil. Many coming from my favorite scene involving frobscottle, whizzpopping, and the Buckingham palace.

In many ways, the BFG can be thought of as a Jesus or God character. Having the ability to know the “heart’s desire” of everyone on earth, and being able to hear the smallest whisper even from a distance. He is also very loving, caring, and gentle with the small girl Sophie, even though he himself is several times her size. However, he is not a perfect example of the Father. . . .

How many times are we guilty, of thinking of God as a Big Friendly Giant? Continue reading

‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Keeps a Religious Balance

z_0Back in December, when the first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse was released, I posted a negative opinion of the film, which is why it took some convincing from a mentor of mine who saw the movie first to go see it for myself. The film itself is pretty good, though there are still many plot holes in the X-Men cinematic universe which this movie only adds too, but the special effects, action, and some of its themes were enjoyable. I am definitely more pleased with it than the trailer. As my mentor pointed out there is a religious balance within this film. Yes, there is still the line which suggests the Four Horsemen may have not been inspired by the Bible, and Apocalypse himself still claims to be a god. However, I was pleased when Apocalypse does refer to himself as a god, he uses the title ‘Elohim’ instead of ‘Yahweh’ (which had been used in the trailer). Though the claim is still blasphemy, which is made by the villain of the film, it is not as severe, for Elohim is the generic word for God in Hebrew while Yahweh is His divine/personal name. Xavier himself calls Apocalypse out on this claim, “You’re just another false god.” Continue reading

Heroes: Captain America~The Truest Friend


Ever since the first Avengers movie, I’ve admired Captain America because of him saying, “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” Truthfully before this, I thought he was a dork, and I hope I’m not shot for this, but I really wasn’t impressed with his first movie. However, this quote made him my favorite Marvel hero, even above Wolverine (Logan) or Iron Man (Stark). Captain America in the last decade has been a great example of character, embodying many values which I admire.

Yesterday, I finally got to see Captain America: Civil War with a really good buddy of mine. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers in this post apart from what can be deciphered from the trailers. I’m not going to spoil this film if you haven’t seen it yet, for it is a movie which I highly recommend for you to see in person (though I do wish there was less cussing in it). It is action packed, filled with surprises, laughs, and tears. Many say ‘betrayal’ is a main theme in the film, which I do agree; however, there’s another theme that I would like to hit upon which the film revolves around also, that being ‘friendship.’ Continue reading

Stay Out of the Pool!

10703819_10204851238539940_9119766261710331167_n (1)Earlier this week, I saw the Red Band Trailer for Deadpool.

I was NOT impressed.

It is amazing how much grotesque language and crudeness can be crammed into a 2:55 clip. I know I won’t be the most popular for giving my opinion; nevertheless, I encourage you to not go see this film in 2016.

But Logan, it’s a “superhero” movie. But Logan, it looks funny! But Logan, it doesn’t bother me! But Logan, it has some cool action scenes! But Logan . . .

Like I said, I’m not shooting for popularity. Continue reading