Heroes: The Flash~You Can’t Outrun Everything (Barry Allen)


“It doesn’t matter if you’re the slowest kid in gym class or the fastest man alive, every one of us is running. Being alive means running. Running from something, running to something, or someone. And no matter how fast you are, there are some things you can’t outrun. Some things always manage to catch up with you.”–Barry Allen (“The Flash” Season 1, Episode 3 “Things You Can’t Outrun”)

The Flash, is “the fastest man alive,” able to reach speeds greater than 300 mph–able to be fast enough to break the sound barrier–break the time barrier! and yet, even he admits that there are some things that he can’t outrun. “I should have been faster.”

What are you running from? Continue reading

How to be Like Jesus 101

1. Flip tables of greedy money changers. (Mtt. 21:12-13; Mark 11:15)

2. Spit is good, use it wisely. (Mark 8:23-25; John 9:6-7)

3. Look for lost sheep. (Mtt. 18:12-14; Luke 12:3-10)

4. Draw pictures in dirt, instead of looking at naked women. (John 8:1-11)

5. Donate blood. (Mtt. 26:28; Hebrew 9:22)

6. Storms are perfect times for naps. (Mtt. 8:23-27)

7. Wash feet. (Mtt. 26:14-39; Luke 22:24-27; Jon 13:1-17)

8. Be a cannibal (a Jesus’ cannibal). (Mtt. 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-25; Luke 22:14-23)

9. Fish for men. (Mtt. 4:19)

10. Love. (Mtt.; Mark, Luke, John)

Are YOU Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s October, which means that it’s “Zombie Awareness Month.” So the question is, ‘Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?’ If the answer is no, then I’m doing my civic duty by helping you be ready. Here is a list of ten ways to prepare yourself for this upcoming disaster:

#1 Stockpile100_1103

Food, water, first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, TOILET PAPER—any necessity that you will need an abundance of. (Shampoo and deodorant are optional.) And of course—Weapons! Lots and lots of weapons: machetes, baseball bats, crowbars, shovels, sledgehammers, hedge trimmers, (anything really that you can use to kill a zombie), and guns—big guns, little guns, guns-guns-guns! And BULLETS! Lots and lots of bullets! Continue reading


7“The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.”—Galadriel.

The world is constantly changing. Spring comes, bringing new life and green. Summer arrives, and so does the heat, and the coolness of swimming. Fall announces the new school year, as winter brings sleep and death.

The world is constantly changing . . . but the world is not the only thing that changes, for so do we. You are not the same person who were you year ago. Heck, you’re not the same person who you were yesterday. Life, what we see and experience, is constantly shaping us. Evolving our personality, how we think, and our person. But how we allow life to shape us is completely and utterly up to you. One can see a tragedy as an opportunity to share hope, while another may use it to drown in self-pity. Continue reading

If Life was a Video Game


What if life was a video game?! . . . Both a scary and an exciting thought. The pros: instead of experiencing Hyrule through a screen, you would actually be a part of it! Instead of pressing a button to kill a zombie, you would pull a trigger. If you needed money, just run through a level—collecting all the gold coins that you can grab, or go mow the lawn and catch the rupees that come flying out! When you boast about the latest raid, or wiping out the enemies’ nexus, you would have ultimate bragging rights, because you were actually on the battlefield. And no one would be able to call you a nerd!

But what are the cons if video games were our reality? Well, you would actually have to know how to play a guitar for Guitar Hero, and banana peels would be a lot more dangerous. Seriously though, there are several reasons why life is life, instead of a video game: Continue reading

5-Second Rule!

Red Oak 037Tommy is ten-years-old, full of life. He’s walking beside his mom in the store snacking on a bag of Skittles that she had given him. Skittles are his favorite candy—he loves them! Their fruity, tangy taste explodes his mouth with flavor. As he’s walking, one slips from his hand and taps the floor, landing in a brown puddle that a janitor hasn’t cleaned up yet. Heartbreaking, and not wanting to see his favorite candy wasted, Tommy kneels down and picks up the mini-rainbow. He’s about to plop it into his mouth before his mother shouts, “Tommy!”

“What? The 5-second rule.”

How many of us are like Tommy? We see something that we know that we should loose, yet we make up an excuse so that we can keep it? How many of us hold ourselves back with rationalizations, not accepting that some things have to come to a conclusion, so that something new can take its place? High school must end so that college can begin, and college will end as well, so that a career can be born. Continue reading

The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage


Some would believe that they’re just stories that we tell to our kids before bed, but they are so much more than that. They are magical tales that do not just enrich the imagination, but also explore important themes of our world, teach morals, and are meant to teach kids life lessons that could protect them: Beauty and the Beast—never judge a book by its cover, The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf—build yourself on a strong foundation, Pinocchio—lying is wrong/listen to your conscience, The Gingerbread Man—don’t trust a fox, Goldilocks and the Three Bears—don’t trespass, The Little Red Hen—no work, no reward, and Little Red Riding Hood—don’t play in the woods (the woods in Germany were very dangerous). However, despite these amazing stories, perhaps my favorite fairytale is one that is probably not well known; however, I love it because of the amazing truth that it holds within it. It is called: The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage. Continue reading

The Hazelnut

I was in the library today reading an assignment for my British Lit. class, when I stumbled upon this passage:

“In this little thing [a hazelnut] I saw three properties. The first is that God made it, the second that God loveth it, the third that God keepth it.” –A Book of Showings to the Anchoress Julian of Norwich

Personally, I think that this is an awesome perspective to look at God’s creation. 1. He made it. Everything from the smallest proton to the largest galaxy. The ocean, the grass, the trees, the eyeball, even the bizarrest of creatures such as the okapi or the duck-billed platypus. He created everything, and saw that is was good. Continue reading

Life Lessons from Disney


How many times do we feel like we hide behind a mask? That we don’t recognize who we see in the mirror, because it’s not the person who we reflect to others? How many of us have dreams and wants that we want to pursue, but we don’t because we’re afraid that others won’t understand, that they’ll laugh and ridicule us?

There is a reason why Disney has become so famous. Besides having good business management skills and being able to appeal to kids, one reason that they’re so successful is because of the deep themes that are implanted in their cartoons. These themes range from wanting to be who you want to be and not what others want you to be like Mulan, or wanting to be a hero and prove yourself like Hercules, or even the power of friendship like The Fox and the Hound, or knowing that the end of a shoe lace is called an aglet because of Phineas and Ferb. Below is but a small list of some of these universal themes that Disney has incorporated into their animations. Continue reading