“One Small Step” and Other Stories

Sometimes, there are powerful emotions within us which can be triggered by the art form of animation, with Pixar being a prime example of this truth. It’s amazing the stories they can tell and the talent that is shown through their displayed creativity and storytelling. Stories of fighting for a dream, of letting go, and of not letting others define one’s identity. These themes and more can be seen in the short films below, within “One Small Step” and other stories:

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Confusing God

Did you know, that we have a very ancient problem within our modern society?

Actually, we have many ancient problems, for though technology changes, man has struggled with the same problems and questions from generation to generation. However, the one which I’d like to take the time to address here, is perhaps one of the most deadliest. That is: We Confuse Who God is.

Now, understanding God can be confusing/complex, such as the concept of the Trinity. Additionally, we’ll never fully understand God; otherwise, if we could, that means we would be greater than Him and He would not truly be our God, for that which is lesser than another, can be understood by the one who is greater. Therefore, since we cannot put God into a box, it’s one evidence which proves that God is truly who He says to be. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t try to believe that there is a box around who we think our God is. Continue reading

Heroes: Aquaman~More than a Fish Friend

Who is the lamest DC superhero?

Though there are plenty to choose from:

Dogwelder–who, as his name suggests, welds dead dogs to evildoers,

Infectious Lass–who is immune to all diseases, but infects both friends and foes alike by the colonies of microorganisms who live within her,

Color Kid–who has the ability to change the color of any object,

etc., one popular hero who I’ve heard been called out time and time again, is the King of the Seven Seas–Aquaman. For what good is a guy who can talk to fish? or is a billboard to ‘go green?’ or has had an octopus butler? or dated a dolphin? Continue reading

Identity Crisis

monkimageI have a friend, who religiously goes to the athletic center here on campus almost everyday, spending hours working out and then hours playing basketball. Hours upon hours of physical activity and sweat. However, this semester, both the gym and the b-ball court are shut down as the Ganus Athletic Center goes through remodeling and expansion. My friend as a result, now spends hours upon hours watching TV, alone, in his dorm room. For he had used the gym as the center of his identity, yet without it, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself.

This sad scenario has prompted me to think, what forges my identity?

The gym, sports, hobbies, school, work, none of these things in themselves are wrong, but they are so fickle, and can be taken away in an instant. I love writing; however, it’s a very real possibility that one day, I could lose my hands. If that ever happened . . .

What creates your identity? . . . What would happen, if that was taken away? Continue reading