Winter Storm Thor

The Journal of a Snowbound College Kid.


5Day 1: I hear the sleet pelting on my windows as I type this entry. Luckily, I still have power, and the warm water has not gone out. School has already been canceled for tomorrow, for the Eskimo and polar bear-hybrid populations are low in the university’s student body. In addition, if the fear from the storm was not enough to cancel classes, there are many desperate students who are more than willing to fake their own deaths to escape from midterms.

My feet have thawed from braving the storm. I had been blinded from assaulting ice, while trudging through the slippy landscape. Luckily, I was not spotted by any famished abominable snowmen as I made my way here.  Continue reading


frozenSnow and ice are sweeping the nation! School cancellations are spreading throughout the country faster than the Bubonic Plague! Hordes of snowmen and flocks of snow angels are appearing out of nowhere, as bread-milk-and hot chocolate are disappearing from the shelves. And the lyrics of Frozen can be heard virtually everywhere, as both kids, teens, and adults (both women and men) pretend that they are a Disney Princess. Snowpocalypse! Iceageddon! is here!

Snow days, they’re awesome  aren’t they? Sledding—cuddling with your kids under a warm blanket—NO SCHOOL! Aren’t they relaxing?! A Sabbath, a break from the headaches and trials of school. A day for a break! Continue reading