Greed and Skeksis

In Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, an alien race known as the Fallen urSkeks are banished to the world of Thra. In an attempt to purify themselves, they try to use the heart of Thra, the Crystal of Truth, to cleanse themselves of their darker nature. Instead, each urSkek is split into two beings, the Mystics and the Skeksis.

While the Mystics embody the urSkek’s spiritual and peaceful side of their nature, the Skeksis embody their materialistic and violent side. The putrid creatures represent the very nature of greed itself. They hoard treasures for themselves, use the natives of Thra to fulfill their own pleasures, gluttonize upon the produce of their subjects, and defile the Crystal, draining its energy to extend their own life-forces. They trade the health of Thra and her creatures for their own. And when the Crystal is no longer enough, they then use it to drain the essence of Thra’s children, feasting upon Gelflings and Podlings like fattened cattle. The Skeksis only see Thra and her children as things to be used for themselves, easily casting them aside when they can no longer satisfy. And yet, the appetites of the Skeksis are never satisfied, for they crave more and more. Continue reading

The Green Menace

Did you know, that if you inhale a pea, it can sprout and grow in your lungs?

If you didn’t, neither did I until yesterday. Being in quarantine, I have been using social media more to keep my sanity from slipping away. I was scrolling through Facebook, when I stumbled upon this fact:

Shocked, intrigued, and excited by this weird fact, I decided to share it with several friends of mine, one of them being a mother, who, like my own, highly encourages her kids to eat their vegetables. She responded, “. . . that is just an excuse.”

Was it? I wondered, so I investigated. Continue reading

Panda: Man Shall Not Live on Bamboo Alone

Xióngmāo 熊貓 (“bear cat”), or pandas in English, have been branded as one of the cutest animals in the world. Cute enough for American zoos to rent them from China for $1million a year (

Yet, though these black and white Care Bears look huggable and sell a lot of plush, don’t try to hug one. Pandas are still wild animals, and they can defend themselves if needed. (For proof, click here, but be warned, the images are gruesome.)

With that public announcement out of the way, did you know that pandas are no longer considered endangered? Instead, they are now classified as vulnerable, but extinction is still a very real threat for these bears, and they still have a long ways to go before this reality is no longer a danger. Continue reading

Cafeteria Pondering

I sit, I wonder,
As I hear clanking plates,
Why in caf
are there always tate-
Why must the white rabbit
always be late?
What use to catch
a catfish—which bait?
Is there a girl here, named
As I see salad bar,
Oh so far,
I think,
Why are there no not any dates?
Why is date the fruit,
Spelt samely as
going out on a date?
Perhaps fate?
Or a question that
leaves an open gate.
I do hate
these seeds in my teeth,
I think, swigging a gulp of
milk for relief.
I see an Aussie say,
“G’day mate!”
As I wait, Continue reading