Fear: Phobias

5Fear, we all have it, yet different triggers. We all have the same diagnosis, yet experience different symptoms. Ranging from anxiety, to crying, to the fetal position.

Many suffer from arachnophobia. Fear from the small spider they could easily smash. True, there are some spiders that grow to be a size larger than your hand, but, they’re more common in a South American, Asian, or African jungle or desert, than an urbanized neighborhood in the U. S. A fear sparked from a traumatic experience as a kid? Or a natural instinct to avoid that which can harm you, such as the threat from the bite of a brown recluse?

There are many in my generation who suffer from coulrophobia, “fear of clowns.” Does its origins lie from a traumatic experience as a child? such as being held by one as a toddler? Or most likely, the of watching Stephan King’s It at an age too young. With the Joker being a reinforcement of the distrust of those with face make-up and red noses. Continue reading