Let Us Not Eclipse Glory

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
Mahatma Gandhi

An eclipse is a spectacular sight for one to behold! I had the privilege of witnessing such an event on August 21, 2017. It was amazing getting to see the moon inch closer and closer to the sun with my special eclipse glasses, though invisible to the naked eye. It was incredible sharing the excitement with friends and strangers. And truly awesome how quickly the landscape became dark when the eclipse was full. How the outdoor lights instantly lit and the crickets began to chirp, for about two minutes, before the day returned.

A solar eclipse is the result of the moon coming between the earth and her sun, the moon casting its shadow upon the planet. In nature, an eclipse is a spectacular sight. Not only are they beautiful, but also remarkable in how the tiny moon can, for an instant, block out the light and sight of the mighty sun.

In nature, an eclipse is a spectacular sight, not so in a spiritual sense. Continue reading

The Youth Obesssion

Ladies, you are beautiful.

I would first like to apologize for the heavy pressures that our society has put upon you, for truthfully, you are beautiful. And you don’t need makeup nor a treadmill for this fact to be true, nor is there inherent evil or wrongness by using such products. Yet know that makeup and other such things only highlight or enhance your beauty, but it is your face that draws the eye.

There are many victims in the social wars that wage on, and ladies, you are one of the victims in this particular issue. There are reasons, of course, why you are targeted by commercials and your self-worth is attacked, and you’re made to feel incomplete without a particular brand of mascara or lipstick. It is because, other than companies wanting to enlarge their profits, America has adopted idols into her worldview. And one such idol, is youth.

We live in a society that is centered on the physical, upon this life that we live now. Why show your wrinkles when you can cover them up? Why fashion gray hair when you can remain blonde, burnette, or redhead? Or why surrender passion when you can just take a Viagra? We live in a culture which desires to remain young, yet is aging day by day. Continue reading

How to be a Coke Bottle

Over the summer, I got to be a part of my first book club! I had a friend who was interning at a nearby congregation, and as part of his internship, him, along with me, and a mutual mentor, read the book, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. It’s an autobiography written by Neil White. It recounts a chapter in his life, in which he served time for bank fraud at the prison/leper colony in Carville, Louisiana. Neil isn’t afraid to recount how real his experience was, and doesn’t shy away from the crude language that was used by some of the prisoners he met. The book fully shares Neil’s experiences and shares the stories of those who he came in contact with.

There are many jewels found within this book; however, my favorite words of wisdom, come from chapters 77 and 78: Continue reading

“The Butterfly Circus”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. You are invited to view a spectacular feature! A short film that has surprised several audiences with its heartfelt messages. A story of doubt, hope, change, and love. A glimpse into the heart of Christ himself. Ladies and gentlemen, without further hesitation, I present to you, The Butterfly Circus!

Like Tyger Stripes, it can’t be Stopped


Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

It’s hard to believe, that this little cub in the photo above, could one day grow into a cat like this one in the photo below:

sumatran-tiger-male-portrait-webA cute, petite kitten–into a majestic, beautiful cat–yet dangerous and frightening all the same. Of course, those of whom have raised kittens and cats probably already know this concept.

Things change. Believe it or not, today is not the same as yesterday. Boys become different as they transform into men. Girls are not the same as women. Tadpoles have the potential to grow legs as caterpillars have the chance to gain wings. Continue reading

Summer to School

1e5d3154d94c47f30d5ac0591494f7c1Change, change,
Life is full of change,
Not pennies and dimes,
Though it has thoughs too,
Change, you know,
When you become a different you.

Tadpoles to frogs,
Worms to monarchs,
Frogs to food.
Babies to adults,
Then it’s man to dust,
When your gut decides that it’s time to bust.

Each year different than the last,
Each year speeding way, way too fast.

Summer comes and summer goes,
Then comes fall,
And spring then springs in before you know.

Eggs in the morning,
Birds at night.
Babes at noon,
Before canes and aches,
Which appear too soon.
The creeks and sun,
Replaced by tests and bells which,
rung-rung-rung. Continue reading



Sorry, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been pretty busy this last month: Christmas break, slaying dragons, fighting zombies—it’s been pretty hectic. But school’s back in session, which means it’s time to fall back into routine—habit.

Habits, as humans, we tend to fall into a routine, don’t we? I mean, here’s my routine in a typical day:

  • Wake up at 8 a.m.—ugh!
  • Brush teeth
  • Get dressed—(getting rid of stinky breath is much more important than clothes)
  • Skip breakfast—bad habit—go to class
  • School-school-school-Lunch!-school-school—
  • Dinner!
  • Homework or Work—depending on the day
  • Surf Facebook
  • Shower
  • More homework
  • Fall asleep to Netflix—12 or 1 a.m.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it! I know, I’m living the life. Continue reading