Our Amazing Creator: Part III

Our God, is an amazing Creator.

He created the basilisk:

No, basilisks cannot paralyze or kill people with their stares, as they can in the world of Harry Potter, but they do have a pretty fantastic ability.

Concerning these lizards, there are four species of basilisks which reside in Central and Southern America. The brown basilisk is actually an invasive species, which has been introduced to Florida, and has adapted to the colder winters by burrowing itself into leaf litter for warmth. As┬áDr. Ian Malcolm says, “Life, uh, finds a way.” Though luckily, these lizards are not as ferocious as a T-rex or a Velociraptor.

Basilisks are also known as the “Jesus Lizard,” because they can run on water. When fleeing from a predator, such as a snake or a large bird, the basilisk can run at a velocity of 4.9 feet per second for about 15 feet, before they sink and have to swim on all fours. They are able to do this thanks to the buoyancy created by the flaps between their toes, which produce a larger surface area and pockets of air. Unlike Peter, these reptiles are able to run on water not because of faith, but because of the creative features which their Creator has blessed them with: Continue reading