Watch Out for Yellow Landmines

Sometimes, life can be like a banana. It can be going well, sweet even. A source of nutrition that makes you feel good and healthy, and gives you the potassium that you need.

But sometimes, life can be like a banana peel. Not like a peel in real life, but in cartoons or Mario Kart racing. A peel that you step on, and slips you up. Even if you try to avoid it, you may slip on another peel that you hadn’t seen from the lack of attention.

In the midst of life are struggles; they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Bills, bullies, peer pressure, poison ivy, flu, cancer, etc. No matter who you are, you have a struggle of some sort.  Continue reading

The Trick


This summer, I’m taking a mythology class. As an assignment, I’m supposed to create my own myth. And so here is a myth which has been passed down to me which I thought I would share:


A long time ago, before the age of fire or man, there lived the deity, Amakhozi, on top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Amakhozi was a twin-god, half lion, half tiger, possessing heads, paws, and fur of both, though having the memory of an elephant and the trickery of a monkey. None know who or what had molded Amakhozi, for if you asked him yourself, he would claim to be the first of the gods of the jungle, though the water buffalo know that the heifer-goddess Umama without any doubt had come before him.

Amakhozi though he had all he needed on top his mountain—plentiful water from the most ancient of falls, the richest of fruits, and the best trees so to nap, he was missing what he could see and envied from the animals below him—a companion. True, he did have himself to debate if the world was held up by a gorilla or by elephants, and to discuss all that he observed; however, it was just not the same, for Amakhozi would know what his other head would say before he said it.

And so after a thousand years of pondering and enduring this loneliness, Amakhozi finally decided, for he was not the fastest of thinkers, finally decided that he would leave his mountaintop in search for a friend. Continue reading