Stars & Whales

The heavens declare the glory of God,
    and the sky above proclaims his handiwork (Psalms 19:1).

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you;
    the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you;
 or the bushes of the earth, and they will teach you;
    and the fish of the sea will declare to you.
 Who among all these does not know
    that the hand of the LORD has done this?
 In his hand is the life of every living thing
    and the breath of all mankind” (Job 12:7-10).

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90-Second Thoughts

So, what happens when your lying in bed, trying to fall asleep with the aid of Youtube (to distract your brain from thinking and planning) when you see flashing lights between the crack of your curtains? Why, you go and check it out, of course. And what happens when it hasn’t rained in a while, and you see clouds in the sky and flashes, and you’re hoping it isn’t heat lightning? Why, you slip on your swimming trucks, because your other shorts are in the wash and you don’t want to put on pants that need buttoned or zipped, and you run downstairs–out the door to watch it. And then for a moment get freaked out by a lamp post because its shadow looks like a person, and by the moving shadow of your curtains because they look like another person. (The same window a couple of weeks ago, that when you opened, you saw a mamma rabbit and one of her babies nibbling on grass in your backyard.) Continue reading

Humpbacks to the Rescue!

So, I was surfing Facebook the other day, catching up on the lives of friends, liking photos, drooling at recipes, when I stumbled upon this image from the ÜberFacts page:


Crazy right! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–I love whales! Ironically, orcas are my most favorite, but humpbacks may be my second. . . . Not sure though, I mean blue whales are super cool too, so are Mobies [sperm whales], and who doesn’t like baby belugas?

But yeah, whales are stinkin’ awesome! When I read this, it was just another weird whale fact which I would have never known, for whales can be pretty amazing. But . . .

. . . Why would humpback whales do this? Why would they risk their necks to protect weaker animals? Animals that sound like they’re not even whales? Why would a humpback give when it doesn’t get anything back? Continue reading

Are Narwhals Real?

J Carlin from the YouTube channel: SuperCalinBrothers, brings up an interesting question, “Are Narwhals Real?” I mean, I haven’t seen one, and neither have any of my friends. Sure, there’s pictures of them on the internet, but there’s also pictures of Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster, and people still doubt they’re real, and therefore label them hoaxes.

Sight is important, but it’s not the only sense, is it? I mean, you can see a mosquito, curse the day it was hatched, but you can’t see an itch. True, you can see the bug bite, but you can’t see an itch. Just as you can’t see a thought or love. You can see the results of a thought or actions of love, but you can’t see either of them. You can also see a brain and a heart, yet these are only symbols of thought and love, you still can’t see them.

So maybe, things can exist which we can’t see? Otherwise, blind people would be in some serious trouble. But then . . . does that mean–

Is God real?

God is . . .


The BFG is a whoopsey-splunkers film! I highly enjoyed watching it today with some cool friends of mine. There are many laughs within this movie, which I won’t spoil. Many coming from my favorite scene involving frobscottle, whizzpopping, and the Buckingham palace.

In many ways, the BFG can be thought of as a Jesus or God character. Having the ability to know the “heart’s desire” of everyone on earth, and being able to hear the smallest whisper even from a distance. He is also very loving, caring, and gentle with the small girl Sophie, even though he himself is several times her size. However, he is not a perfect example of the Father. . . .

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m“Is that a fish?”
“No, flat tale, blowhole no gills, that’s a whale, silly.”

Whales are magnificent creatures. Beauty, intelligent, and full of mystery.

It’s interesting how these gentle giants that are seen on Save the Whales T-shirts, since many of their species are now endangered from the result of over-hunting, were once feared and believed to be sea monsters. In 1913, a German liner was reported in a newspaper to have been attacked by a herd of right whales [though unknown to be harmless at the time]; because of their jagged teeth, Sperm whales were known as the Devil of the Sea, hence part of the inspiration for Melville’s Moby Dick; and killer narwhales were believed  to be able to pierce through ships with their tusks, according to Continue reading