The Spirit and the Dove

There are many themes that are seen throughout the Bible, such as how God tries to draw close to humanity as man distances himself again and again from his Creator (ex. Adam and Eve choosing to eat the fruit to ‘become like God,’ instead of obeying His one rule; the people of Israel choosing Moses to represent them before Yahweh, instead of having a personal relationship with Him themselves; and the people of Israel choosing a king to govern them so they could be like the other nations, instead of recognizing Yahweh as their King), or how the Lord uses water to save His people again and again (ex. the Flood, the Red Sea, and baptism). It’s neat how parts of the Bible from book to book or testament to testament connect so intimately. With that said, there may be one small theme that is also present within the words of Scripture; however, with little evidence, it’s hard to know for sure. Nevertheless, I’ll present this idea for your consideration. Continue reading

Dragons are Real?

Fire-breathing dragons are terrifying beasts that can spark the imagination with awe and fright. They can also be spotted in gift shops, game covers, and movie posters.

Dragons are creatures that have been a part of man’s storytelling from generation to generation, such as in Beowulf, the Völsunga saga, “Saint George and the Dragon,” and even the book of Revelation. Dragons are magnificent beasts that can be as frightening as Smaug within The Hobbit, or as adorable as Toothless within Dreamwork’s, How to Train Your Dragon. For some reason, dragons have fascinated man for a long, long time. However, is it because we love to imagine such creatures within our realms of fantasy? Or perhaps, is it because we are fascinated with these strange creatures, that may have once walked upon our sod? Continue reading

Shower Epiphany: What if Cleanliness IS Associated with Holiness?

dirty_bathroom_by_mediamerc-d4nbcvhFor some reason, it’s hard for me to enjoy a relaxing, warm shower. For that is normally the place where ideas decide they should teleport themselves into my mind, which is the very thing they decided to do to me today.

Some settings within movies or books scream evil. True, this is largely due to the effects of Hollywood or the author to emanate the idea that this is indeed a dreadful place, but what if sometimes it’s more than that? For example, in The Lord of the Rings, Mordor radiates evil because of the influence of the dark lord which dwells within it, Sauron. This very thing is also seen when the necromancer dwells in Mirkwood, which before the corrupting touch of evil affected its flora and fauna–creating an inviting atmosphere for the evil, giant spiders to move in–was known as Greenwood. Or how Saruman’s conversion terraforms the forests surrounding Isengard, as he completely and utterly annihilates them. But what if this phenomenon isn’t just a storytelling device, but a truth which happens within our very homes?

Now, these are just thoughts I’ve been dwelling on for the last hour, but they forge an interesting theory. Again, a theory. I am not yet ready to announce these thoughts as law; however, I would ask you to give them consideration, and entertain the possibility they could ring true.  Continue reading

Praying for the Past

Can our prayers affect the past?medium

First off, I’m not omniscient, and I don’t/never will have all the answers. This blog is the exploration of this question and an opinion on it, “Can our prayers affect the past?”

This thought just materialized into my mind one Sunday morning as I was walking to my car after service. When I asked a friend this question, she responded with: “Yes, because we can pray for forgiveness for our past sins.” I fully agree with her, for the blood of Christ ransoms us from all sins–past, present, and future. However, this fact also provides evidence that we can take this thought a step further.

Take into consideration:

1. God is a deity not dominated by time; He created time.

2. Prayer is powerful.

3. We pray for the present and the future. (We can even pray with the possibility to change God’s mind (Genesis 6:6, Exodus 32:14, Jonah 3:10, Luke 18:1-8)). Continue reading