Our Amazing Creator: Part V

Our God, is an amazing Creator.

He created the butterfly:

Most of us have known of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly since grade school, but have you really taken the time to sit back and to be amazed by what it takes to create such a beautiful creation? In order for a caterpillar to transform into a butterfly, it must secure itself within a chrysalis, and it’s within the chrysalis where the truly amazing part takes place:

Special enzymes are released by the larva, dissolving its tissues as the bug digests itself. The body of the caterpillar is broken down, dissolving into an amorphous mess. The only parts of the larva which are not disintegrated, are its imaginal discs (highly organized cells that will use the protein-rich soup to rapidly divide and create the caterpillar’s adult parts, such as its wings, antennas, genitals, etcetera.) There’s not a phase in which the worm becomes more butterfly, sprouting wings, or becoming a caterpillar-butterfly hybrid, almost the bug’s entire body melts into a gooey mess of cells. Organs–gone. Eyes–liquified. Legs–dissolved. (In fact, if a caterpillar is missing a leg, this will not affect the number of legs its butterfly self will have.)  This soup is then reorganized into a new creation, transforming the worm into a beautiful butterfly.

The story of the butterfly is an amazing tale of something going into a chrysalis as one thing, and emerging as something else. Not only in looks, but even by her behavior and habits. Yet this transformation is only possible, because of the power of her Creator. And so too can her Creator transform us, if we allow Him to.

Our God can take a broken sinner, one who repents and is emersed in the blood of Christ, and transform him with His Holy Spirit through the chrysalis of baptism, forming him into an entirely new creation–a Christian. Transformation not happening because of the water, but by the blood of His Son: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Corinthians 5:18).

Our God, is an amazing Creator.

He created the frog:

Like butterflies, frogs go through a radical change, transforming from a legless spermlike thing with gills, into a four-legged, lung-breathing amphibian. And if this change wasn’t extraordinary in itself, then know that there are frogs which are stranger still:


The secretions of the waxy monkey tree frog contain dermorphin, an opioid 40 times stronger than morphine. The Matses Indians of Peru often used the frog’s secretions to “feel like gods.” Yet, it’s not the only frog to have a unique slime:


The poison dart frog is cute–but deadly! (One golden poison dart frog has enough poison to kill 20,000 mice!) This amphibian is one of the most potent animals on earth, and obtains its toxicity from eating ants, termites, and mites. (The toxin of the Anythony’s poison-arrow frog is 200 times more powerful than morphine!)

The Pacman frog eats mice, fish, small reptiles, anything that it can wrap its mouth around. In fact, it will even try to eat animals bigger than itself; yet, bony projectiles in its mouth makes it nearly impossible for it to release prey once it enters, which will cause the animal to die by choking.

The Pixie frog can survive months buried underground, wrapped in a cocoon made by its own skin cells during the dry seasons of Africa. It is large enough to eat mice and rats, and is also dug up by the natives in its country, not only because it is a delicacy, but also because its urine is drunk as a water source.

The Budgett’s frog has been nicknamed the Freddie Krueger frog, because it will scream like a tortured cat when frightened.

There are also many frogs which are strange in appearance:

Such as the black rain frog,

the turtle frog,

the purple frog,

And the Cuyaba dwarf frog, which moons predators when threatened. (That’s right, our Creator gave this frog false eyes on its butt. If someone tells you that God doesn’t have a sense of humor, they lied to you.)

Lastly, there’s the hairy frog, named after the hair-like structures found on the body and thighs of the breeding male. It’s also known as the horror or Wolverine frog because of the special talent which it possesses. When threatened, the Wolverine frog will intentionally break the bones in its own toes to force its retractable claws to pierce through its skin, which it can then use to defend itself. If the amphibian survives its encounter, it will then retract its claws and the damaged tissue will regenerate so that its claws can be used again, similarly to the abilities of Marvel’s Logan.

Our God, is an amazing Creator.

He created YOU.


~Photos Obtained

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