Why I CAN’T Wait for Heaven!

Within the church in the United States, we don’t talk about heaven as much as we should. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is because we’ve become too enticed by the world and have allowed too much of our consumerist culture affect our thoughts and actions. We like stuff.

Now, stuff itself is not bad; however, it can be. Sometimes, we make our stuff into idols. And sometimes, we just allow our things to tether us too tightly to this life, which is easy to do. There are some pretty neat stuff out there. And we understand this physical world that we can feel, smell, taste, and touch and are virtually blind to the spiritual world which is more vague and elusive. However, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that we have a greater hope. That this world is not our home. That what is broken now will be mended. That justice will prevail. That there will be a day which every tear will be wiped away. That there is something greater. Therefore, here are my top reasons why I can’t wait for heaven!

  1. God:
    I can not wait to see God face to face! I mean, Moses just glimpsed upon His glory and got a holy sunburn from it (Exodus 33:12-23,34:5-9,29-35), but to see our Father in His full glory . . . It will probably be scary at first, for I am an unclean man with unclean lips. . . . But once the shame is gone, if there is shame, I can only imagine what it will be like! To see the face of my Father in heaven, to thank my Savior in person, and to embrace the Spirit that has been living within me! Just seeing God, will be far better than any gold, or crowns, or mansions that may be there.
  2. Angels:
    I also can’t wait to see what an angel looks like! Yes, they are only servants of our Creator, but it will also be pretty cool getting to see more of the spiritual world which we have only glimpses of. It’s no sin to be curious, but we must also have self-control over it. Yes, it’s cool to research and to learn about angels, but maybe there’s a reason why they’re talked about so little in the Bible. We must be careful that we don’t put more emphasis on the creation than the Creator.
  3. Goodbyes:
    I long for the day when there will be no more goodbyes. Though I may physically live in Rolla, a part of me still lives in Neosho, Missouri and another in Searcy, Arkansas. My heart has been divided amongst my extended family. Though I love living in Rolla, it also hurts to say, “Goodbye,” whenever I must leave someone whom I love, especially when they live far off. However, I can’t wait for the day, when there will be no more goodbyes!
  4. Loved Ones:
    Besides seeing God and angels, I’m also anxious to see those whom I’ve had to say a temporary goodbye to as now they sleep. I can not wait to embrace those who have gone before me, who are now amongst the cloud of witnesses. And it’s going to be amazing meeting new brothers and sisters whom I have never met–such as C. S. Lewis. And not only will I see them, but I’ll see them like how God sees us. With no more sin, no longer will there be envy, or jealousy, or lustful thoughts, we’ll be able to see each other in another light, for even those whom we love we have ugly thoughts against sometimes. But not in heaven.
  5. Wrestling:
    We don’t know what heaven will be like, but one thing that I hope for, is that there will be wrestling. If there isn’t, it’ll still be heaven, but Jacob had a chance to wrestle God (Genesis 32:22-32), and how cool would it be to get the chance to wrestle Him too (without rebelling against Him)?! Therefore, if you see me walking with a limp in heaven, you know what happened–and it would be worth it! I might be walking with two limps.
    (It would also be cool to wrestle with an angel, a bear, a gorilla, an alligator, a shark, and a dinosaur, too! Who knows what’ll be in heaven? Maybe I can even wrestle a Behemoth?!)
  6. Answers:
    Lastly, I also hope we get the chance to ask God our questions, such as, “Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?” or “What plans did You have for my life?” We might forget them, and that’ll be okay, but I don’t believe we’ll know everything when the Kingdom is fully established. I could be very wrong and I’m okay with that, but what fun would life be with no curiosity? And finding the answers at the Source . . . That, would be something.

We don’t know what heaven will be like, for it’s beyond what we can dream or imagine; however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about it. Remember, this world is not our home, we’re just a passing through; therefore, let us remind each other, encourage one another, through the hope we have in our eternal salvation. Even if there’s no wrestling, heaven is going to be more splendid than anything that this world has to offer, or whatever we can buy on Amazon. For when heaven is fully here, it will be a place where man and God will no longer be separated by sin, where we can walk and talk with our Lord face to face.

These are the top reasons why I can’t wait for heaven, but what are yours? Please feel free to comment below.


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