Heroes: The Wonder Twins~Underrated

If you’re not a big comic reader or a superhero fan, you may not be familiar with the Wonder Twins. Within the world of DC, they are an extraterrestrial duo who have the ability to transform whenever they come into physical contact and shout, “Wonder Twin powers activate!” Jayna can transform into the shape of any animal (real, mythical, or alien), and Zan can change into the form of anything . . . water. I’m not joking. He often has to be carried in a bucket, but he can also transform into an ice monster. Oh, and they also have a blue space monkey named Gleek.

Like Harley Quinn, the twins did not originate in the pages of the comics, but were first created by the animators of The Flinstones, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, and many, many others–Hanna-Barbera. The twins were first featured in their cartoons, before eventually being adopted into the DC universe.

Though the twins taught some good morals, and saved many young people in their shows, there’s a reason why they’re not as popular now. And that is, compared to other heroes, such as Superman or Batman, they’re pretty lame. They can still be spotted here and there, such as in an episode of Teen Titans Go!I, but unless they get a major upgrade, they probably won’t become as mainstream as the League, or shake off their reputation of being a joke.

Yet, though the Wonder Twins are unvalued by the majority, me included, they are a treasure to someone. And though they’re not as powerful as Flash or Green Lantern, they have still served in the League. They have fought alongside Superman and the Teen Titans despite being unpopular. They have made a difference in the world of DC despite the jokes that have been made about them.

And Christians are challenged to do the same.

We serve along a being far greater than Superman. Compared to Him, we’re super lame. And the world may laugh and poke fun at us, yet we’re still a treasure to Him. And we may not be able to part a sea, or rain down fire from the heavens, or leap buildings in a single bound, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference in this world.

This world needs more heroes. Not just Supermen or Wonderwomen, but more Wonder Twins. Heroes who are willing to serve the world, no matter if they look lame doing it or if they’re made fun of.

Therefore church, I challenge us, as a community (because the Wonder Twins can’t use their powers without the other), let us unite, and let our, “Wonder Twin powers activate!”

And I challenge you, the reader of this blog, to be an everyday hero:


~Photo Obtained


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