VBS: A World of Tape and Cardboard

Today, is the last day of our VBS (Vacation Bible School). The theme is Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus. The kids learning that when life gets rough or scary, Jesus is there with them, and he will rescue them. It may not be in an instant, but he will save them.

It’s been a pretty neat week, with lots of laughs and smiles from the kids, with evidence of how cool it is when a project is put together by many people with different skills and talents, and with many opportunities that the teens have taken to step up and to ‘Do Hard Things.’

The auditorium is decorated with streamer vines, blown up toucans and monkies, paper lanterns and flowers, a cardboard raft, and other neat decor that has been donated or created. The auditorium looking like a mix of ocean, jungle, and Hawaiian throw-up. A world of paper and cardboard held together by tape. Which means, there’s been lots of things that have fallen off the walls (sometimes during “Father Abraham”) that have needed to be put back up, hoping it’ll stay in place just one more day.

At VBS, it’s easy to recognize that you’re surrounded by an unstable world held up with nothing but tape, but do we realize this in the real world? I mean, banks can close, rain can stop, houses can be burned down or blown away, health can fail, and governments can fall. Our life may feel solid and comfortable, but the truth is anything can be lost in an instant. In fact, I believe if it wasn’t for Somone greater holding this world together, our world would have fallen apart a long time ago. For He is not only our Creator, but He is also our Sustainer. The One who holds the whole world within His hands.

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