90-Second Thoughts

So, what happens when your lying in bed, trying to fall asleep with the aid of Youtube (to distract your brain from thinking and planning) when you see flashing lights between the crack of your curtains? Why, you go and check it out, of course. And what happens when it hasn’t rained in a while, and you see clouds in the sky and flashes, and you’re hoping it isn’t heat lightning? Why, you slip on your swimming trucks, because your other shorts are in the wash and you don’t want to put on pants that need buttoned or zipped, and you run downstairs–out the door to watch it. And then for a moment get freaked out by a lamp post because its shadow looks like a person, and by the moving shadow of your curtains because they look like another person. (The same window a couple of weeks ago, that when you opened, you saw a mamma rabbit and one of her babies nibbling on grass in your backyard.)

You then witness a spectacular light show! Seeing lightning pulse, flash, and branch out in an amazing display! while sitting on your porch glider. For a moment, you get the thought of what would happen if you got struck by lightning? Before that thought is replaced with the lyrics, “Everytime I watch a storm I know the awesome power of my Lord.” You then feel small, wondering if that is the reason why you like elephants, dinosaurs, and whales, because these giants remind you of the One Who is bigger than anything.

Or maybe you wouldn’t, just me. Though if lightning is close don’t try this at home. It could be dangerous, especially if you’re the tallest thing in sight. However, if you get the chance, to see God’s power is beautiful! and humbling. There were a few times “Wow!” literally jumped out of my lips in amazement at what I saw.

Nature’s cool! And there’s a lot of many cool things to see out there, if we take the time to notice them.


~Photo Obtained

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