Tips from a Novice Botanist

There are many fun things to do in this world! Playing basketball, riding rollercoasters, eating toast while playing crochet on top of a unicorn. One such hobby that I truly enjoy, is messing around with plants–excluding poison ivy.

I highly enjoyed being a handyman during my high school and early college years–getting the chance to help older ladies with their gardens and getting to trim hedges and rose bushes for them. Sadly, I wasn’t able to dabble too much in this hobby during my later college years, regularly traveling home and back during breaks not providing the best atmosphere for raising plants. But this summer, now graduated and living in a more stable environment, I’ve been able to try my hand at botany!

I’ve learned very quickly that not all plants are created equal. Take Xìnyang for example (the good looking bonsai featured above). She likes to be watered regularly and have her leaves sprinkled daily. While my two cactuses, Sudowoodo and St. Nicholas, love for their soils to be dried out before being watered again. Compare that to Aphrodite (my venus flytrap) who loves for her roots to constantly be touching water.

As I’ve learned through trial and error this summer (and continue to learn), all plants have different needs. They each have their preferred soils, their favorite waters, their level of sun that they can handle before getting sunburned, etc. If you treat a sundew the same as a cactus, it will die. And some plants are more tolerant than others. But though they can suffer through some rough conditions, they strive better in thoughs that meet their needs.

All people are different.

True, we have commonalities that make us human, but no two of us are the same. We each have our preferred soils, our favorite drinks, are likes and dislikes. What one of us enjoys another may not. Advice that may help you break a bad habit may only enforce it for me. People, in a way, are like plants. We are each unique, are different. Yet, we are also all alike. You–me, are both human. Similar in how both a tree and a daisy are both plants. Though we are all unique, we all have one thing in common, that being our humanity.

What the application is here, well, that’s for you to figure out and then to apply. But I will say this: Though some are stranger than others, let us remember to love one another–thorns and all. 




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