What if ‘Christian’ was no longer a title or noun–
But a verb?

Is it not some type of state of being?
We often treat it as such.
For you see, a verb is an action,
While a noun is just a thing.
In order to jump, you must be jumping,
But to be a person, you must simply be born.
To be takes no effort, no sweat, no sacrifice,
While a verb must constantly be in motion,
Constantly in action,
Constantly doing instead of simply being.

What if “to be a Christian” you must christian,
Just as if you wanted “to be a runner” you must run.
What if we broke the norm, shattered reality,
Take a sledgehammer to our comfort zones,
And instead of being Christians, began to christian?
Feeding the poor, quenching the thirst, clothing the naked,
Visiting the sick and the imprisoned,
Doing christian,
Instead of simply being Christian.

No works cannot save us, grace does,
No we cannot earn salvation, by grace it is given,
By grace we are saved,
But faith without works is dead.
But faith without works is dead.
But faith without works is dead!

Our sweet fruit of our love for our God.
For, “What you do for the least of these, you do for me,”
says Jesus,
“If you love me, then feed my sheep,”
says Christ.

What if–
What if Christian was more than simply being?
What if to be Christian, you must christian?
For what if ‘Christian’ was no longer a title or noun–
But a verb?
O’ how different would this world be?


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