God vs. Pills

The other day, I had a headache–probably from the neglect of drinking enough water. So, what was my first reaction? Well, venture to the kitchen to the medicine cabinet, to grab the bottle of Aspirin, having great anticipation that the two red pills I held in my palm would relieve me of my pain.

Modern medicine is a wonderful gift. We have the ability to cure diseases, to stay healthy, and to even make a motionless heart beat again. But, as with everything, there are also cons which come from that gift–one being our natural blindness to the spiritual. 

Before pills were developed to relieve a painful cranium throb, drills would be used to bore a hole in one’s head to release the evil spirit that had taken residence in it [trepanation]. For back then, every bad thing could be explained by ‘gods’ and ‘demons,’ instead of looking to a natural cause or science.

Now, by no means am I making a defense for such a practice to be revived in the modern world; however, what I do want to make a case for, is our awareness of the spiritual, for I believe it is more closely tied to the physical than what we believe. However, in saying that, I do not believe every ailment is linked to a demonic force. I do not believe that every case of cancer is divine retribution for committing a sin. (A belief that is squashed in the book of Job.) For we do live in a natural world where people naturally get sick, no matter if they are a good person or a bad one.

Yet, I also believe that some sicknesses may be brought on because of some spiritual force. Interestingly, several ailments in Luke’s Gospel are caused by a demonic force, such as the man who was mute (11:14-16) or the woman with infirmity (13:11-13).

As I stated before, I believe that modern medicine is indeed a gift and should be utilized. However, Who designed the brains of man with the ability to dream and to create the medicines and methods which we have? And though we have such gifts, medicine cannot prolong our lives indefinitely. Yet, isn’t it easier to have faith in a pill, that is predictable? That (unless any side-effects are triggered) give us exactly what is promised in its prescription?

Yes, God in many ways is not predictable. It takes faith to believe in Him, and it can be scary to do so. Yet, know that He is good. He, is the Great Physician, Who can heal both the physical and the spiritual. And He has many promises of His own within His Book. Though we have Aspirins to relieve us of our headaches, let us not neglect to pray to our Father in Heaven. Either to thank Him for such drugs, or to ask Him for healing–to plead and lament to Him in times of trouble. For “earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”

As the band Skillet sing in one of their latest songs:

If You can hold the stars in place
You can hold my heart the same
Whenever I fall away
Whenever I start to break
So here I am, lifting up my heart
To the one who holds the stars


~Photos Obtained


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